How to Make it as a 'Full-Time' Yoga Teacher

OK, so I may have mislead you here. There is no magic secret to making a living as a full-time yoga teacher. There are lots of people that make it work but I have one bit of advice that I REALLY want to share with you.

DON'T try to go full time. Not yet anyway. Work in a cafe, stay a few days a week at your old job, find a way to have a basic salary coming in BEFORE you teach. I know it might seem silly, and that you want to focus on the thing you love to do, but I'll tell you why I think this advice is important.

I came back from my 200hr YTT and said yes to about 20 hours of teaching a week. I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunities that presented themselves or that I sought out but it took about 3 weeks to get injured. I practically burnt out before I had even found my feet. Teaching yoga is not like a gym class. I was a PT for a short while before realising it was totally not my jam and with that I could churn out 1-2-1 sessions back to back without a thought. Yoga is different and especially for those of you living in London the travel time is exhausting too. The pressure of it all very quickly can drain your energy and suddenly the thing that you love gets lots among the need to earn a living from it.

So many, if not all of, the teachers I know had a second income or job to support their dream of becoming a yoga teacher. And in fact, lots of them still do!

I have friends that worked front of house reception roles, and others who took shifts in juice bars, some worked at studios and others in their office jobs. I write my blog and work in other ways to relieve the pressure on teaching which over time has allowed me to begin curating a timetable that best suits my energy, teaching style and choices as a yoga teacher.

The reality is that there are a LOT of yoga teachers around, but that doesn't mean there isn't space for YOU! There is space for everyone, but be smart about it. If we are not fighting for classes to pay our rent, the element of competition between teachers is reduced, allowing a much more supportive community where opportunities can be shared between us.

So maybe this isn't the secret you hoped for but I wanted to share what I truly think. I receive messages about this almost every day, if not at least a few times a week and so I know it is something lots of people strive for. I just truly believe that the best way to get there is to mindful of your energy - physical, emotional and otherwise. Take the pressure out of your teaching and you give yourself so much room to grow as a teacher. Then, step by step, your dream of making it a full time job can begin to unfold.