Choosing a Teacher Training & What Happens Next

I have been getting a HUGE number of messages lately from those of you looking to choose a teacher training, so I wanted to write a post with all of the resources that I have previously put together about training to be a yoga teacher. I am hoping to make another video for you guys soon, but in the mean time, I hope all of the below is really helpful!


Let's start here - the first video that I made about choosing a teacher training.

This is another video about choosing a training. There is some overlap in the videos, but it was a little later on once I had had a little bit more experience so it's worth checking this one out too! I also wrote a quick post with an overview of the answers here.


So you have made all the decisions and you have done your 200hrs (or more) of training. Now what happens? This video is answering the questions I get asked the most by those of you that have trained, or are nervous about what happens once you have completed your training!


If you want to see what was going on in my mind when I first got back, you can check out this blog post here.

I have learned so much since completing my initial 200hrs of training and now think of that first course as my training wheels. Nothing teaches you to teach better than teaching and continuing to explore your own practice. Once you complete your training, its so important to keep learning, through your own practice, teaching, reading etc. I will do a post in this section soon about the books and resources that I love. And if you are not looking to teach, but still want to further your development through a training or similar, I would love to hear from you for a project I am looking to explore.

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My training:

200hrs Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow with Sampoorna

100hrs Yin Yoga with The Yoga People

100hrs Mandala Vinyasa with The Yoga People