People Are Rooting For You

So it's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote anything helpful for you guys - life my end has been hectic and until II could start taking my own advice again, I didn't think I should really be giving any to anyone else! But ever since last Monday I have been dying to share this story with you because it is awful and brilliant all in one!

Monday night 6pm is arguably my favourite time of the week. In fact, more like 6.45pm, just before Savasana at my class at Another Space. This class has always been a great one to teach. The students are open minded, and they occasionally laugh at my bad, awkward jokes which is a bonus after a long day of teaching. Basically I get to share/hold space with/for 28 awesome people who are willing to explore any aspect of yoga thrown at them and that makes me really happy.

But last week, things didn't quite go to plan.

I arrived at Bethnal Green station really early. I had made the decision to leave home early to leave enough time to charge my phone at the studio before class, rather than charging at home and running to get there in time. A failsafe plan until arriving at the tube station to find there was someone on the track and the whole station and in fact Central Line was closed. I had that awful thing where my heart was with the person on the line but my head was dragging me to reality, one where there was not enough time to walk, get the bus to class and I had just 1% battery. So I ordered an Uber, something I am trying hard not to do, and hoped for the best. As I waited, I shared my panic with another girl, similarly panicked, waiting for an uber, but with a little more juice on her phone! She kindly offered to let me share her uber to Soho if my phone died, while I frantically text the uber driver.

"Hi I have no battery but I am here. Please don't cancel the trip - I will 100% be waiting for you"

"I'm desperate - thank you!!"

- The panic was real...

Oh and did I mention that I couldn't contact the studio either. So they didn't know I was late. I felt my blood pressure literally building up like a pressure cooker.

By some miracle, the driver arrived, I got in and plugged my phone in. Finally I got through to the studio and they were, thankfully, understanding enough to take some of my panic away. As I sat in the back of the car, taking of my jeans (the cold turn in weather meant that my leggings were acting as base layer) and undoing my boots, ready to pounce into the studio the minute I arrived.
I was 13 minutes late. Another miracle to be honest. The traffic could have been a whole lot worse. 

As I arrived in the studio, passing my 'big boss man' - who smiled, and told me no biggy (I beg to differ, this was most certainly 'a BIGGY' in my head - I ran down to find 28 happy people chatting away. After laughing at my explanation of the frantic change en route, we settled down. I can normally guarantee that 75% of this class have been before. They're pretty committed to the time slot and to my classes I guess, and I am to them too. But as standard, I asked who was new to my class and at least 50% of them raised a hand. It was 'Buddy Week' at the studio. So I couldn't even rely on our existing relationship to be tribute to my regular timelines or that they would know how devastated I was to be late. *Cue another awkward joke* and thankfully *Cue ample laughter to make me feel better*.

So ego aside, it was time to actually teach some yoga as promised. So they began lying down (I didn't tell them to do that, it just sort of happened so I went with it). And the first words to guide them into their grounding, Earth element practice went along the lines of:

"Let the expanse of your body surrender to the earth"

Ok, so I just called them all fat. SH*T. We laughed again.

The music wasn't working, so I gave up on that, and just really focused on guiding them so fully through (more carefully selected) words and helped them to connect to the sound of their breath. It was working. We were back to where we should be and by 6.32 (that's a guess, but it sounds about right) everything was looking up. Then, at around 6.35, the speaker that wasn't working before came back to life. Just in time for the phone call that I received. I had forgotten to silence my phone before running in to class and it came back to bite me. Through the speaker. Loud. Oh mannnnnn.

I think that was the last of it, although there may have been other parts that I have subconsciously removed from my memory, its hard to say. But we managed to close the class, with music (WIN) and I made a humbled statement of my thanks. And everyone was really cool. The newbies wanted to come back, the regulars were just as happy for the class and lots of people told me how much they enjoyed it. So, somehow, I was able to let my earlier mortification subside.

In my pre-uber panic I had messaged the teachers at the studio to see if anyone could step in or at least contact the studio on my behalf. So when I came out of class, my lovely friend who takes the later class was there to give a hug, and asked how it went. As I relayed the now fairly comical rendition of events, several students stopped on their way out to tell me 'how well I did' or that they loved the class, or to thank me for making the effort despite all the stress I must have faced. And I was blown away.

After all of this. The fear of disappointing people. Of guilt. Of letting people down. They were all there rooting for me. No more than they were rooting for each other and no more than they would for anyone else. But they weren't waiting for me to fail. They wanted me to go home knowing I did the best job I could have given the circumstances. They had my back and they were rooting for me. And I have never felt so supported.
I actually started writing this chuckling to myself at my misfortune, but have written these last lines with a lump in my throat. I wanted to share this with you guys because I know that things don't always go to plan and that we can't always impress everyone, but through this slightly commical example of when things go REALLY wrong, you are supported. You are building a community and they have your back.

And today I am heading to class armed with sweet treats, because if the class wasn't enough to bring them back again, then bribery should do it ;)