Less Scroll More Soul - DAY 16 - space to be

I planned to film in the 'beautifu'l apartment that I am staying in in Berlin this week, only its not big enough and it certainly isn't light or beautiful enough to film here! So I decided to stop, think and go with my gut about what to share for today's practice. As ever, you have so many asana videos to choose from, so you can do one of those if that is what you need, but in this video I am inviting you to just BE.

Less Scroll More Soul is a 30 day practice where I will be sharing daily videos on my YouTube channel in an effort to encourage us off our phones and onto our mats. Join me every day this month, choose a time that works for you, put down your phone and join me for some yoga. It’s nothing fancy, but everyday will be different to help you spend more time off your phone and in presence with yourself. See you tomorrow! #lessscrollmoresoul

Jemima DavisComment