When life seems overwhelming

There was a chunk of time in our diaries that seemed overwhelming but it seemed like just that - a chunk in our diaries - and it seemed so far away that it didn’t really matter. But somehow, we looked up and we’re in the thick of it! Keeping on top of regular work as well as launching new projects and throwing a house move into the mix the potential for overwhelm is pretty high - but I’m determined not to let it get the better of me, because after all this everything we wanted, it’s just all arrived at once. There are definitely some things that are helping me that I thought I’d share in case you, too, are feeling a little swamped.

1) saying no

I want to see all my friends all the time. But it doesn’t work right now. We’ve put some things in the diary down the line with people we love so we can focus on being all in (now, and with them later)

2) talking

When I start to get overwhelmed, @willsebastian asks me to tell him what is on my todo list. Then I do one thing. And then the next. And suddenly it feels so much smaller than it did in my head.

3) daily meditation

It really helps. Even if it just feels like a waste of time, that pause gives your mind the opportunity to soften and slow.

4) remembering what matters

And prioritising that.

5) taking yoga off the mat

No amount of pressure compromises my desire to be a good person. If I can’t be that, the rest isn’t worth it. So holding myself accountable to the simple things that make a big difference to how I relate to myself and the world around me.

6) giving myself time to totally switch off

Right now, watching something silly on TV (yes, I mean Love Island) helps me to switch off before bed. I know you’re expecting me to do some yin or meditate or take a bath with essential oils or something, but this is what it’s really looking like for me at the moment. Plus it’s way to hot for 🛁 and I don’t have one anyway!

7) putting things into perspective

There are some things I want to do, and others that need doing. But I am not a heart surgeon and none of it is life or death. And if it was, you’re doing your best and that’s enough.

8) laughing

@willsebastian helps with that one too.

9) remembering to stop and take it in…

…because really, we are so grateful and lucky to be on this ride