8 Seasonal Transition Tips

As the clocks roll back and the days get shorter, I’ve been making a big effort to try to make the transition as seamless as possible for myself. I find this transition the trickiest of all the seasonal shifts - I feel the cold and I find myself longing for hot soups and comfort food as I begin to move into hibernation mode. Over the years I have tried to fight against the natural shifts that our body make to cope with the changing external environment but I’m learning more and more that everything is just a cycle and this time of year is crucial for finding introspection, creativity and slowing our pace of life a little.

My mum always used to say she could tell it was getting cold before she stepped outside because of my immediate change in eating habits the minute the cold arrived. Then as a teenager, I would fight the instinct to reach for the comfort of hearty meals for fear of the impact on my waistline. Now, I have realised that it is all in flux, and that the instincts rooted in my body are there to guide me, and that the best thing that I can do for myself is listen in.

Of course, we all respond differently to different environments, but for me the key things I notice are the impact on my skin, the tension in my body, and my energy levels. So I have started to find practices and rituals that help to ease the transition into winter so that I can embrace it rather than resist it.

Season Survival Tips.jpg

1) Switch up your skincare

The first thing I notice is my skin. As the wind gets fiercer and the temperature drops, my skin feels it immediately. Find a new routine, or new products to help to protect your skin through the transition to the new season. My favourite at the moment is Annie De Mamiel’s Autumn Oil. I have a little ritual around using it and taking deep breaths and it really helps me to get present, as well as supporting my skin!

2) Eat with the season

Its the most natural way to eat. Heartier veggies and local fruits. Ditch the raw stuff if you feel the cold and don’t worry if you are craving more comfort food. You need the warmth to help your system function properly and if your body wants it, listen, and make good choices for your body and the planet.

3) Slow down

In order to notice more, slow down a little where you can. I am really trying to make ‘slow’ a priority, to notice more, to do less and to create space for myself.

4) Keep a journal

I’ve been writing morning pages for a week now and in that short time I have noticed a big difference in my days. I am starting slower, taking time to write my journal, and then taking that intentional energy in to my day. It’s helping me get clear on what I am thinking and feeling, and it gives me focused time to really tune in.

5) Adjust your practices

If you look around, nature is cyclical. We are nature too. Don’t forget that! It’s ok to want to do different things at different times. Explore new things, or make adjustments that feel right. Maybe you skip the rocket yoga and head to yin, or maybe you prefer something a little more fiery. There’s no right or wrong, but don’t hold yourself accountable to what suited you at the beginning of the summer.

6) Trust your intuition

She’s smart and if you listen close enough, she will tell you what you need.

7) Invest in planning and creativity

This time of year is perfect for introspection, planning, creating and reflecting on all you have achieved and experienced over the last months. Enjoy those practices, without forcing the same productivity you have got used to over the summer when the days were longer and the energy was higher.

8) Celebrate change

After all, the only constant is change and this cycle is part of our human experience. It connects us to nature and if we allow it, it can be a beautiful way to connect to ourselves too. Get cosy, listen inwards and enjoy the shifts that flow.