Feel Good Directory


Name: Masaj

Therapies offered: Massage

Locations: London Fields

Website:  https://www.masaj.me/

I was lucky enough to be offered a massage at Masaj, only to find it was just a stone’s throw away from home. You can choose between 3 different treatment styles, 1, 2 or 3, and the length of time. 60-90 minutes. I went for a ‘2’ and chose to book a whole 90 minutes to allow myself time to settle in and make the most of it. Set in a container, you might not think much of it from the outside, but from the inside it’s a different story! I was in total heaven and it was one of the best massages I have had in a long time. The room was cosy and clean and the therapist could apparently read my mind (or perhaps the tension in my body gave it away). The result was that I floated out the door, down the stairs, picked up a delicious vegan treat from the cafe and breezed home a lot lighter in body and in mind.


Name: The Nurture Co

Therapies offered: Massage and Holistic therapies

Location: Mobile (London)

Website:  http://www.thenurture.co/

Ali created The Nurture Co, a collective of holistic practitioners, to bring a retreat experience to the home. Each of the practitioners have different tools, but I was lucky enough to receive a treatment from Ali herself which incorporated hot stone and deep tissue remedial massage therapy with reiki and it was an incredible treatment  I shifted a lot of stagnant energy and felt instantly rejuvenated, and it was all from the comfort of my own home, allowing me to enjoy the effects without losing them to the journey home.


Name: Elisa 

Therapies offered: Osteopathy

Location: Kuu,  Clapton

Website:  http://kuulondon.com/

Elisa’s work is, quite honestly, magic. She opened her practice, Kuu, last year, which is where I first discovered her work. They were still putting finishing touches to the place, but I knew I would never want to go anywhere else again. Elisa’s Craneo-Osteopathy treatments are so much more than a physical healing. Generally, following my treatments, I feel a little restless a few hours after and then have the best, uninterrupted sleep as the energy settles and my body kicks in to continue the healing. She has the most incredible intuition and is realistic in her treatment plans. She wont tell you that you need to come in twice a week for three months if you don’t need to just to keep her practice going! She will treat you effectively and works honestly and I have nothing but praise for this wonderful practitioner. Rumour has it, Justin is great too. So if you can’t get an appointment with Elisa, there’s always a second option - and I believe you will land in the hands that will heal you best anyway!


Name: Serena

Therapies offered: Reflexology

Locations: London (Mobile)

Website:  http://lunawellbeing.com/

Yoga teacher and reflexologist Serena very kindly came to my home to share her therapy with me. In a time of unsettle whilst moving house, this grounding treatment was exactly what I needed. Serena also shares her love for nurturing the body through food and earlier this year she cooked on my retreat in Portugal. At the time she was just finishing her reflexology training and it’s pretty amazing for her work to be so powerful so soon. She travels in and around London to offer her reflexology treatments to private clients. If you’re hesitant to book a treatment that focuses on the feet, its worth noting that she treats the whole of your body using the feet, so its so much more than how it looks on first glance. Since my first treatment with Serena, I haven’t stopped thinking about it and it really was a pivotal experience in remembering to take the time, money and effort to ’indulge’ in real restful downtime. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!


Name: Michelle Roques-O’Neill

Therapies offered: a blend of aromatherapy and reiki healing magic

Location: West London

Website: https://www.roquesoneil.com/

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Michelle when she was offering treatments from one of the rooms at Selfridges. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get the full experience in the middle of Oxford Street but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I connected so deeply with Michelle’s work and her vast experience. She really is brilliant at what she does and her beautiful own-brand products (Therapies) support her work perfectly.  


Name: Laurie Winestock (The Colourful Dot)

Therapies: Crystal sound healing

Location: Stoke Newington

Website: Instagram @thecolourfuldot

 Every thing that Laurie does is beautiful. I met her originally through her work as a make up artist where she shared some of her passion for crystals. She has a wonderful online shop called the colourful dot and she also offers beautiful sound healing. My experience was powerful, leaving me feeling calm, centred and supported.


Name: The Organic Pharmacy

Therapies: Vitamin and mineral scan

Locations: 3 London locations

Website:  http://www.theorganicpharmacy.com/

A 20 minute treatment using electrical sensors to determine the vitamin and mineral levels in your body. Super helpful if you’re not feeling yourself and want some help finding out what’s going on! They’ll then advise on any necessary supplements to support and rebalance you.