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What I’m reading

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Can we just ask podcast prep

I’m so so excited for the return of Can We Just Ask, and possibly more excited this time round that not only are we collaborating with Toms UK, but CWJA will also be released as a podcast series following the live events - so we can all get on board with the conversation. The first episode of the series will be going live as a podcast on the 10th [of September] and we’ll be discussing the topic; “Can Social Entrepreneurship Really Change the World?” Our full panel for this one includes; Lisa Hogg - Senior Director or Marketing and Giving at Toms, Alex Beasley - UK and Ireland Country Director for Patagonia, Nick McGirl - Youth and Education Programs Director at Ashoka, and Josh Barbarinde - Founder of Cracked It. You can sign up to the CWJA newsletter here so you don’t miss an episode.

Where I’ve been

Lele’s 2nd cafe in Dalston

One of my favourite spots in East London for coffee and breakfast has got to be Lele’s - have you ever been? They serve stella coffee as well as serving up some seriously delicious food - all vegan, all delicious, and they’re dog friendly, too! Their menu includes classics such as porridge (topped with fresh fruit and seeds), pancakes, (piled high with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, and coconut yoghurt, and they age old avo toast (but served with Marmite too!) alongside Lele classics including their full english breakfast (pulling out all the stops with 2 sausages, scrambled tofu, garlic mushrooms, baked beans, oregano tomatoes, crunchy kale, and toasted sourdough) as well as seasonal salads and specials and at lunch time. The great news? You can now find them in Dalston where they’re open into the evening with an extended menu - think delicious pastas, Thai green curry, nourish bowl, and burgers (they even have a little dog menu!). Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

All images taken from Lele’s Instagram feed - please see there for all picture credits

What I’m Manifesting

when we’re feeling anxious…

…an unexpected early note from my travels to Vancouver last month.

When we are anxious about anything, it does not exist. Its a product of a mind keen to busy itself with things that don’t always serve us well and usually don’t end up even happening. I know it’s not groundbreaking, but I thought some of you might appreciate the reminder. When our mind is busy with what if’s or spiralling along a trail, can you identify one thing to bring you back into a better place. Notice one thing that is making you spin. Offload to a friend or write it down. Give yourself a sidestep from the pathway you are carrying yourself down. It might not solve the problems but it might make things just 1% better and then you’ve taken positive action and well that’s pretty great too. You can call it yoga, a practice, a tool, or anything you want, but it doesn’t help if you don’t give it a go.

Write it down.

Let it go.

Brand Discovery

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Every product has a story, and the team at Provenance want us, to know them. They call themselves “the future of brand trust” and for good reason. Using technology for good, Provenance helps brands and business build customer trust through transparency in their supply chains and their hope is that one day, all products will come with Provenance, so we can all make informed decisions about the products we’re buying.

Read more about Provenance and the business’ already on board here.

Sustainability swap

zero waste in London (+ beyond)

Zero waste shopping seems to be on everyone’s lips recently, or is it just me? If you’re trying or thinking about taking a step towards living a little more sustainabily, consciously, or with just a little less waste I put together a piece for the website which lists some really great zero waste stores in London (and beyond) to give you the first step. I’ve even included a few in Europe so if you’re heading abroad, you don’t have to compromise!

Have a read.

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