Ridiculously Human

Last week, I was featured as the guest on the Ridiculously Human Podcast, a show hosted by two South African friends, Gareth and Craig.  Each episode the hosts have conversations with guests who are recognised in their community as people who provide inspiration, motivation and hope and I was honoured to join them to talk about inspiration, resistance, and everything from my Dad's taste in music to my intention to declutter my life. Listening back, this podcast marks something special for me, a realisation that I can step into my own being, embrace my background and share from the heart.

“Founder of Mind Body Bowl. Young Sage. Entrepreneur. Yoga Teacher. Author. Inquisitive Questioner. Thought Leader. Smiler. Authentic Human. Charmer. Cognoscenti.”
— Big boots to fill, but a conversation that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did!

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