My New Toothbrush

Ok, so this sounds like a strange thing to post about but this week I bought a new toothbrush. Nothing crazy about that, hopefully something that most of us do regularly, and probably not worth commenting on. Except for this week, for the first time in a very long time, I strayed from my regular brand/colour/habit. WOAH. I'm all about pushing your comfort zones, but no one wants a disappointing tooth brush - you know where the bristles are too soft, or too hard for that matter, or where the head is the wrong size. Well that's why I always pick the same one. So why this week did I make the crazy decision to stray from all that I know? Because PLASTIC.

A toothbrush may only seem small and insignificant, but think of how many we throw away each year and actually thats a pretty sizeable amount of waste building up. You may or may not have seen, but I am trying to be more and more concious about the amount of waste that I consume, and in particular how much plastic packaging I throw away. So when I came accross this Eco toothbrush made of organic bamboo with 100% biodegradable bristles. Even the packaging can be composted, making this a much more economically sustainable bathroom product!

While reading more, I also discovered that bamboo is fast growing and is produced without the need for fertilisers or any chemical products and the bristles are BPA free. The way the bamboo is heat treated carbonises it in order to make it resistant to bacteria, which helps to make it just as hygienic as your regular toothbrush.

So really, this is a win on so many levels and I would urge you to give it a try. My only potential concern is over anyone who doesn't like the texture of wet wood (think licking a wooden spoon) as it does resemble that a little bit, but I got over that pretty quick and I really am so happy to have given this product a try.

P.S. this post was not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to share the my new discovery with you!


Here is a link to buy the toothbrush on Amazon, or a pack of five for the whole family, or even better, support your local health food shop if they stock them there :)