JULY | mood board

What I’m reading


comfort zones published by Jigsaw

Comfort zones is a collection of essays, letters, and short stories written by 28 women breaking away from their usual themes and norms to take on writing outside of their comfort zones. Some take on their first works of fiction, others take an unfiltered look back at past failures as well as ideas for a brighter future. It was published by Jigsaw, edited by Sonder & Tell, in aid of Women for Women International.

Where I’ve been


A brand new plant-based restaurant in Islington, London - what else!? Slaw’s aim is to create deliciously healthy food that is made in a sustainable and ethical way whilst also doing their bit in helping to reduce waste. The dishes on the menu centre around one vegetable and are enhanced by pestos, grains - order a few for the table to share with friends (which is just what they encourage!).

What I’m manifesting

I wrote about the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum on my Instagram earlier this month after a tough moment on a crowded tube in London and it’s something that I wanted to make a little more permanent and share here on the website. It took a frustrating moment to stand back and notice that we’re all so human and all so different on the outside yet all with the common desire for happiness and avoidance of suffering. I also took the opportunity to break down what Om Mani Padme Hum really means. You can read it here.

Brand discovery


This beautiful company are makers of reusable and sustainable fabric gift wrap made from 100% organic cotton and certified linen. One of the main drivers behind the brand is to do their bit in preserving our valuable and beautiful trees. What’s also so great about these beautiful wraps is that they can be used as scarves, produce bags, head bands, tea towels and picnic sacks - how great!? They can make that birthday present a little extra special, help save those trees, and have a new lease of life once the gift has been given. You can shop them here.

Sustainability swap

the conscious wedding guest

Wedding season is in full flow and I’ve definitely noticed the challenges this year of leaving enough time to prepare an outfit, your travel, a gift, and whatever else you might be organising in time for the big day. I was determined not to buy something new for a wedding recently but failed to make enough time to borrow from friends or think outside the box with enough time and ended up panic ordering from ASOS. So before you open a tab and start browsing the 3,893,421 dresses on the website (surely that’s a sign that we’ve all lost it), why not check out a few of the options and brands I’ve come across that are pioneering the way in sustainable fashion (and shopping)! Have a look at the full post here.