Ethical/Vegan Shoe Shopping

Summer is well and truly here and last year, after buying cheap shoes that fell apart quickly, I vowed to invest in something longer lasting this year. But finding good quality non-leather shoes can be a bit tricky, and certainly means taking a bit of time to research rather than just popping to the local high street.  

So I thought I would share some of the things that I found with you in a handy little blog post to encourage you to think about the shoes that you buy this summer as an investment in many summers to come!  I will update this as and when I discover more brands and styles to share


Mat & Nat


I discovered Mat & Nat when I was looking for a non-leather purse and have definitely become a big fan of the brand. They make great handbags, backpacks and most recently I have discovered their shoes.

I was looking for something to wear for a hen party and to help me through wedding season. I.e. when trainers are not acceptable. I found these in a local boutique but was a little nervous that they would be uncomfortable. But, after wearing them from 10am til 2am the next morning, I can safely say that they are the best sandal/heel that I have ever tried. I loved them, I still love them, and I now even sometimes choose them over a pair of trainers!

Good for: Leather look, smart/casual



Style: Arizona

Good for: comfort

I got my first pair of Birkenstocks at about 15 when my mum managed to persuade me they were cool by teaming up with our neighbour who bought some for her daughter too... safety in numbers or something like that. They are so comfortable and much better for walking round on long summer days than flimsy sandals. I ditched my last pair after they eventually wore out a few years ago and haven’t replaced them properly (I opted for cheaper options which wore out 10 times faster) but then decided I didn’t want to buy leather shoes if I could find good alternatives. So when I saw my friend with a pair of vegan birkenstocks I was pretty chuffed and went to find a pair for myself. I actually opted to buy them from a local boutique that I was also very happy to support, but they are becoming more widely available.


Free People

I should point out here that I don’t actually have these, I just found them and thought they would pair very well with a summer dress but resisted buying them myself. I love Free People and can vouch for the quality of their clothing so I am sure their shoes would be the same!

Good for: casual boots


 Dr. Martens

I actually bought these last winter, but they are a wardrobe staple for any season and particularly through festivals. I actually found them much easier to wear in than my original Dr. Marten’s which are leather (and I still wear them because I want to ensure they don’t go to waste now that I have them). 

Good for: festivals, any season