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The Locals, Chelsea

It’s not often that I find my self in west London, but this past month when I was in Chelsea, I dropped into the beautiful plant-filled The Locals Cafe. They serve breakfast all day (a good start, right!?) alongside delicious coffee. And when 11am comes round you can enjoy those breakfast classics (think smoothie bowls, porridge, and eggs on toast) as well as falafel bowls, salads, and sandwiches. So if you too find yourself just west of Pimlico and south of Victoria this little spot is definitely worth stopping by! Find out more and discover their full menu here.

what i’m manifesting

when life seems overwhelming

when life seems overwhelming

There was a chunk of time in our diaries that seemed overwhelming but it seemed like just that - a chunk in our diaries - and it seemed so far away that it didn’t really matter. But somehow, we looked up and we’re in the thick of it! Keeping on top of regular work as well as launching new projects and throwing a house move into the mix the potential for overwhelm is pretty high - but I’m determined not to let it get the better of me. There are definitely some things that are helping me that I thought I’d share in case you, too, are feeling a little swamped. You can read them here.

Brand Discovery

Positive New Magazine

When you’ve just about had enough of all the negative news that seems to be filling the pages of newspapers, why not track down a copy of Positive News. In their words, they share “good journalism about the good things that are happening” - and I think we could all do with a gentle reminder that good things are happening everywhere, we just need to seek them out! Published quarterly, and sharing news from the UK and around the world, Positive News covers all areas of current affairs, from environment and lifestyle to science and economics. You can read their articles, subscribe, or purchase past issues on their website, here.

sustainability swap


Ecosia for Google

I was so pleased when I discovered Ecosia - have you heard of them? In this digital dominated world that we currently live in, being able to make a difference with something as simple as searching the internet (something I’m sure we all do everyday) is a no brainer. In short, Ecosia are a search engine that use their ad revenue to plant trees where nature and people need them most. Amazing, right? If you’re interested in reading a little more, I wrote more about them this month here on Mind Body Bowl. Have a look.

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