A Note On Compassion

In light of events this week, I have been taking some time to think, a lot, about the world in which we live in and while this is a topic I could ramble about for a long time, I really just want to take a few moments to summarise my thoughts. Given the timing of this post, it may come accross as political or emotional but I promise it is just a really apt time to share about some more deeper issues than I may normally cover. The more and more conscious I am becoming of the impact of modern day life on the world, from the way hate is shared to the pollution we create, the more I realise that there is one simple word that we need to remember: COMPASSION. Now, more than ever, we need to take responsibility for ourselves. To be better human beings, to show compassion not just to our loved ones but to strangers and our planet. The only certainty right now is uncertainty, so rather than sitting back and letting things unfold, I truly believe we have no more excuses to take a back seat. It is time to step up, to represent humanity and our true nature of love and joy.

We need to think big, but start small. It is not about being led or waiting for someone else to come up with the answers. We have an individual responsibility to come together as a collective through localised, independent decision making and committing to do and be the best that we can. This also comes down to knowledge and learning.Without educating ourselves, how can we know what the right thing to do it? So we also have a responsibility to educate ourselves and each other in every way that we can, to help us to understand each other as well as the possibilities we have to better our impact on the world.

I will never, ever tell someone else how to live their life, and I am by no means living a totally sustainable, conscious lifestyle, but I am trying my hardest to be open to learning, to make commitments and decisions that lessen my negative impact on people and the earth and to do what I can to help others. And often I feel as though there is no point, because how can someone so small do anything to help?! Well, by being in this together, we have the greatest chance of achieving something meaningful and I have to start somewhere.

So thinking practically, what little things can we do?

  • consume more consciously: buy a reusable coffee cup and water bottle, waste less food, consider our level of meat consumption, buy less, recycle more
  • educate ourselves: read, watch, listen broadly without attachment to leaders or channels. Make opinions based on facts, understand there is more than one side to every story and then begin to make sense of it all
  • look after each other - friends, strangers, humans. We are all the same and deserve to be treated and loved equally. If you see someone in need, perhaps being late to your meeting isn't so bad after all.
  • forgive and let go of hate. If we hold on to hate, it is ourselves that suffer. Learning to forgive and let go is so empowering, freeing and ultimately a gift to yourself.
  • practice self-care. You can't pour from an empty cup and you are worth investing in as much as anything or anyone else. Be Kind. Always. Starting with to yourself.

In the words of Mother Theresa...