How To Stay 'Zen' After Class

I remember a few years ago when I was first really getting into my regular yoga practice and I would go to this wonderful class on my way home from work every Thursday evening. By the end of the class, I would be almost delirious in my state of relaxation, ready to curl up at home and get an early night. The trouble was, I had a 40 minute journey home, either on the tube or my vespa (which was a short lived mode of transport but great while it lasted!). By the time I got home I would always feel as though my state of relaxation had dissolved which I found frustrating most weeks! Earlier this week, a few years on, I took myself off to a wonderful, challenging afternoon yoga class (before you think it - I know: HUGE perk of being self-employed) with my lovely friend Lotte. I left feeling strong, long and totally zen. I was heading back to assist in a class at a studio and so rather than pottering back on a bus, we chose the fasted way home - the tube. At rush hour. Post Yoga. Which is probably the fastest way to loose your yoga zen post-class. Combined with a few potentially stressful emails that had arrived in my inbox in my absence, I was quickly thrown back into the reality of London life. Lotte and I immediately realised what was beginning to happen and in that moment we realised that we had a choice. We could either chose to get wound up, stressed, and grumpy as we were pushed up against all the other commuters (apologies to them for our post-yoga 'glow') or we could make a decision to prevent it from influencing us at all.

So as I was pushed onto one leg, holding myself up with one tired arm, trying not to land on anyone as the tube moved along, I made that decision. I was content, calm and collected and that was my choice. And wow, how empowering it was to have that realisation. The reality is that we cannot control the situations in which we find ourselves, but what we do have is the power to choose the way in which react to them or the impact that they have. Of course, there are some things that will always impact our emotions but generally speaking, when it comes to everyday stressors, there is so much we can do to help keep ourselves feeling uplifted in frustrating circumstances.

So how do you keep zen after your yoga class? By choosing to do so. By making that commitment to resist external influences on your mind set and by adopting an attitude of acceptance and making a choice to stay calm and content. Sounds simple right? Well maybe not, but like anything "practice, and all is coming".