Last week, in honour of the Autumn Equinox I shared a post about the opportunity the new season brings for introspection, creating space and letting go. As part of the note, there was a beautiful quote that has been really wonderful for me and my students at this time.

Observe. Accept. Release. Transform.
— @yung_pueblo

So why am I sharing it again? Well upon reflection, and since working through it in my classes and on my retreat last week, I realised that the word 'Accept' is an interesting one and one worth discussing in a little more detail.

I think our instinct, or for most of us perhaps, is to see acceptance as being 'ok' with whatever happens around us. But how can we process or work through anything properly (in order to release it) if we have to be OK with it? To me that is not acceptance.

When I googled a definition of 'accept', the first thing that came up was this:

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 09.37.25.png

"Consent to receive"... how simple, how powerful. If we reframe it, we can create a beautiful mantra or intention.

'I give my consent to receive that which comes to me. I am in the practice of acceptance."

In stead of being 'fine' about something, putting on a brave face or forcing ourselves not to feel into something, what if to accept is to acknowledge whatever is offered to us as just that - an offering, an opportunity to learn and grow - and to accept that it is the right thing for us in that moment... can you see the difference?

So in accepting something, we are still able to feel it, to process it, to learn and explore the way it makes us think, feel and behave. But we can know that it is exactly what we are meant to experience in that moment and accept THAT.

I could continue to write many more words about this, and perhaps at some point I will. But for now I wanted to leave you with that thought. I would love to hear how it sits with you and to open up the conversation about acceptance and whether we can look at it in this way in order to really allow ourselves the opportunity to grow.

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