A Little Note on the Autumn Equinox

On Friday 22nd September, the Autumn Equinox takes place, marking the arrival of Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere) with an (almost) equal number of day light and dark hours. This transition is incredibly powerful and can be a wonderful time for cleansing, clearing, intention setting and manifesting. So with that in mind I wanted to share a few thoughts to think about at this time of year. Whether or not you plan to celebrate or mark the Equinox with any sort of ceremony, these ideas can be used at any time to help you create a clearer state of mind. 

Observe, Accept. Release. Transform.
— Yung Pueblo

To begin the process of intention setting and transformation, we must first become aware of our present thoughts, feelings and emotions. Notice where you are now, and begin to make steps to shift these thoughts where necessary to a higher vibration of love and gratitude if youfeel as though you are operating from somewhere else.

This is a great time for reflection, noticing our actions, patterns and focusing on your successes and the positive experiences that you have had since the summer equinox. It is important and this point to release that which is no longer serving you, negative thought patterns, habits and emotions and relationships that are lowering your energy.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 14.02.41.png

This work is not something that can necessarily be done on the spot. It may just be the beginning of a much greater process of shifting and releasing, but it begins with observation of ourselves (which is where practices like yoga and meditation are incredibly helpful tools for me).

Once we have begun to cleanse in this way, we can set our intentions. If you think of what a farmer would do at this time, in this season, the harvest where we reflect on the growth and achievements of the previous part of the cycle, then letting the fields be fallow before preparing and planting the seeds for the manifestation and growth to come in the following spring. So for us now, this time is for going inwards and using the longer nights, the darkness, the instinct to stay home and get cosy, to explore our intentions, to listen and connect to our intuition and to allow yourself the time to explore whatever it is that comes up for you in that.

From that exploration of yourself, you can then begin to set an intention. It does not have to be complex, or fit any ideal that you may have about what you think your intention should look like. Your intention is a conscious acknowledgement of how you wish to feel and the action or actions that you wish to take so that when you check in with your intention, you can guide your actions, thoughts and words. Focus on abundance, or that which you have rather than focussing on lacking or negative energy, so that you can attract what it is that you desire.

State your intention as though it already exists, for example:

“I listen to the wisdom of my body and am guided by my intuition”.

“I am open to new experiences and am grateful for the lessons they guide me through”.

“I am committed to my yoga practice for the next 90 days and am open to the challenges which it presents to me”.

Once you have set your intention, give yourself the opportunity to get quiet, and to really honour your intention through your thoughts, actions and words where you can. Be guided by your intention, without trying to control what you experience. Your intention is a guide for the direction of your energy, not a strict and boundried rule. Be open to whatever you experience, and see this time as an opportunity to explore your flow and the flow of energy that you invite into your life.


Annie Clarke