My Summer Wash Bag Essentials

I wanted to share with you guys some of my current favourites to take away on holiday to help me relax and keep my skin feeling great in the sunshine! I posted a video yesterday which I will share at the bottom of the post, but I wanted to give you all the info and links here so that you can read more and perhaps pick some of them up for yourself!

I love getting some sun on my skin, but I sometimes notice a few more blemishes (probably from sweating more) and after a day in the sun my skin can feel a little dry. So in the summer I switch things up a little and have found these are some of the best things to put in my wash bag to take away or to keep in the bathroom at home!

And just so you know, none of this is sponsored or endorsed, no affiliate links or kick backs! Just products that I have tried and tested and love enough that I want to share.

Optiat Coffee Scrub 

Optiat is a lovely family run company set up by brother-sister duo. Not only do their scrubs help to keep your skin silky smooth and blemish free, the products are also made from used coffee grounds 

Neom Hand Balm

A saviour for when you're on the go, this hand cream is perfect for repairing chapped hands. For me, that doesn't just happen in the summer and particularly if you are lucky enough to be taking a flight somewhere it can dry out your skin so fast! So this is a handy one for your wash bag, or perhaps your hand luggage!

Neil's Yard Eye Make Up Remover

I tend not to wear a lot of make up, especially in the summer when I have a little more colour in my skin but this eye make up remover is really lovely and gentle and is a go to of mine throughout the year. I use it with these Organyc Cotton Pads.

Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil

Whether you are heading on holiday or just looking to relax at home, this bath and shower oil feels so luxurious. It is so beautiful on the skin and the aromatherapy oils smell so good!

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil

This is my go to after a long day in the sun or when my skin feels like it needs rehydrating. I've always used coconut oil in the past but I am really enjoying this one at the moment and it's a little less messy too!


Pai Deep Cleanse Mask

I love this face mask - it is amazing for clearing blemishes which I seem to have suffered with more than usual this summer. I wouldn't normally buy something for combination skin, but this has worked like a dream on many occasions! Plus, it's a good excuse to take 10 minutes to chill out with a face mask!

Natracare Organic Tampons

I'll talk more in an upcoming blog post but commonly speaking, tampons are chlorine bleached and non-organic cotton is exposed to pesticides etc. You wouldn't drink bleach and lots of us try to avoid pesticides in our foods too, so we should probably think about where else we don't want it too!

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