24 Hours on the Isle of Man

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the Isle of Man on a little trip to experience the island and capture some cool pictures in the beautiful scenery. I took my friend Lotte, to help direct and shoot the pictures and we woke up bright and early to make our way out of London. After the short flight over there, we got going with our exploring. After picking up the car we had hired we realised we had forgotten our luggage – looks like the relaxing effect of the sea air hit us sooner than expected! Luckily the pilot was passing through the baggage hall and we managed to manically call to him to help us out and bring it through…things were going well already!

We eventually made it out of the airport and on to the road and hurried for some lunch in the capital Douglas, at a very sweet café called The Alpine which served some delicious salads. Once refuelled, it was time to adventure around the beautiful island. We had a tight itinerary which didn’t allow for getting lost and, of course, we did just that. We found ourselves in the most magical forest, made even more special after crossing ‘Fairy Bridge’ and other such mystical places on the way. We couldn’t resist stepping into the forest (off itinerary) to take in the woodland smell, the sun creeping through the canopy, and the sheer spectacle of the towering trees. Then it was back on the road to go where we actually were meant to be heading…to see The Sound, which is located right at the southern tip of the Isle of Man..

This beautiful point overlooking the sea is home to lots of seals and I loved listening to them and watching them swim about while we looked out into the water. We had planned to go from here to another beautiful point ,Bradda Glen in Port Erin, but unfortunately got a little lost and ended up running out of time! By then, we were hungry, tired and a little wind beaten so after a beautiful day, we headed back to our hotel (The Claremont) and found a nice menu in their Coast restaurant for some summer ratatouille and green veg, with a side of chips of course!

The following day, we woke up early and headed to the west coast of the Island to hike up Peel Hill from Fenella Beach, taking in the beautiful setting along the way. We made it up much faster than planned and enjoyed the panoramic views at the top, despite the wind and grey skies. It really was a stunning start to the day and the perfect way to raise our heart rates, get some fresh air and take in some more of the scenery before heading back to the big smoke! It is amazing what a little time in the fresh air can do for you and we felt so rejuvenated (albeit a little windswept) as we headed home.

I worked in collaboration with www.visitisleofman.com on this trip, creating content of the beautiful Island for both of our social channels! This place was truly magical and if you are looking to escape the city for some fresh air and beautiful countryside, I couldn’t recommend it more!

Annie Clarke