5 Simple Ways To Unplug

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak"

As important as it is to acknowledge the good that technology has done for us, we have become a world that can get consumed by it. We look at our phones before we look at another human at times, and sometimes we just need to take a break.

I felt inspired to write this post, when I came across an article about protecting yourself from wifi and mobile phone toxicity. Struck by a soundbite, speaking about the long term radio-frequency radiation that this kind of technology can leak out, I wanted to share some simple ways we can realistically tone down our use-age and take a much needed digital detox.

The benefits are second to non

Create a digital detox dream space within your home…

…that is safe of all wifi & technology. Think of this room as your little sanctuary. Fill it with beautiful plants, cushions, blankets, books, art, candles etc, and use this room to really "chill". This is the kind of environment that is perfect for meditating. Commit to a few hours every week and just take time away from the screen.

Turn off your phone

If re-jigging a room isn't a possibility, no problem. Switch your phone off, or at least put it onto aeroplane mode for short while whenever you can, to avoid any digital distractions, whilst you're in YOUR zone. Get yourself a journal and write down what you were able to accomplish in that time of detox - even if it was a little more peace-of-mind that day.

Step outside.

If you saw my recent blog post on Global Wellness Day, you will know how great their manifest is and actually relates to today's discussion quite well too. Exercise of any kind will release good endorphins, and if you can do it in a more tranquil and natural setting - the benefits should be even greater! Get together with a friend, turn the phones off and see where your next adventure may take you.

Try putting your phones in a box

Speaking of friends, if you're seeing loved ones this week, try putting your phones in a box - away from arms reach. You could spend some time cooking your favourite treats, communicate without typing and make some more digital detox plans. The first to want to reach their phone has to cook next ;).

Switch up your morning routine.

Swap the phone alarm for an "old school" alarm clock - one that you preferably don't have to plug in. A few days a week or as much as you can, keep your phone off until you've done all YOU need to do for yourself that morning. Many of us can wake up and reach for our phones before getting up to eat breakfast etc, so let's reverse it :).

I'd love to know what you love to do to switch off. Have you reaped the benefits?

Annie Clarke