Let’s Talk About It - Mental Health Awareness Week

Wellbeing is so much more than looking after our bodies. Our mental health has a huge part to play in our overall wellbeing but is often overlooked. The focus on eating well and working out often overshadows the importance of taking care of our minds too. This year, the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign is taking a new angle; rather than trying to pin down why so many people are living with mental illnesses and disorders, the focus is on mobilising people invested in understanding, protecting and sustaining good mental health. To me, this is an awesome step towards creating a more conscious, proactive attitude, where we can take active responsibility for developing practices that will help us in harder times. I generally feel that we live in a reactive society, where we often wait for something bad to happen before we look for a quick fix. If we can shift our attitude and take an active approach to all aspects of our wellbeing, we are much more likely to stand in a more positive position in trickier times, or perhaps even avoid them all together.

For me, while there is definitely a shift in attitude towards mental health, there still seems to be a lot of issues around talking about mental health. You might be surrounded by friends and family and yet not feel as though there is anyone that you can really talk to. This problem is particularly evident among young men which I think must be related to the expectations around what it means to be a man. Gender aside, I want the conversation to open up, for any remaining stigma to dissolve and for people to start looking after their mental health in the same way that we think of keeping the rest of our bodies fit.

So I would love to get the conversation going - lets help each other find the voice to talk about it, and lets encourage each other and our selves to get active in thinking about our mental health. I would love to hear what you guys do to look after your minds, or what holds you back from giving yourself that kind of self-love. And in the mean time, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get some ideas about developing a positive mental health practice.