3 Little 'Notes to Self'

“Things have power when we bring intention and attention to them”. Since hearing this line last month on the Shamanism part of my recent teacher training, it has really stuck with me. I have been making a conscious effort to do things with intention and attention as much as possible, being fully committed and present to the people I am with or the things I am doing.

Three things that came up for me were the importance of being positive, of appreciating what we have and where we are and being patient in our pursuits, whatever they may be.  So when I saw the new PANDORA ESSENCE collection, there were three charms that really stood out to me – Positivity, Appreciation and Patience.

Positivity: it’s the law of attraction – I really believe that what we put out into the world come backs to us. So if we adopt a positive outlook, good things will come but if we focus on the negative all the time, then we are more likely to get more of the things we don’t want. So by simply shifting our outlook, we can make such a big impact on what comes in to our lives.

Appreciation: how often do we stop and think about what we have? I know I certainly forget a lot of the time. When we are striving to be better, stronger, happier, healthier etc etc. it can be easy to forget that we already have so much. All of the things we take for granted are worth taking a moment to appreciate because they allow us to be where we are today. And it is this moment, where you are right now, that is exactly where you are meant to be.

Patience: we live in this world where we can get instant gratification for so many of our desires. Fast food, Google, the hold world at our fingertips through smart phones etc. Sometimes I worry that I will totally forget how to be patient. While I was away, my wifi access was so unreliable that a lot of the instant gratification was removed. If we had a question about anything, we had to solve it or wait a few days to know the answer. And life is like that – not everything we want happens right away, especially not the big things that really matter. So developing our ability to be patient is so valuable – whether we are waiting for a promotion, to crack a new yoga pose, to find a new partner or anything else, trust in the universe and allow it to come in its own time.

With positivity in our attitude, appreciation for where we are already and patience towards what is to come, we can know we are exactly where we are meant to be and for me, that is magic.


I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore the ESSENCE collection by PANDORA, to take the time out to notice these values, to mark them with a bead from the collection and to wear them on my wrist to remind me throughout the day. You can see the collection for yourself here – what would you like to keep close and remind yourself of each day?

This post was sponsored by PANDORA. I am very conscious of the way in which I work with brands and would never promote a brand or product that I didn't genuinely want to share. Authenticity is key for me and no amount of money is worth compromising that :)

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Annie Clarke