What to Pack on a Yoga Retreat

So you’re taking the leap, you’re heading on your first yoga retreat – you’re signed up, booked in but what on earth do you pack?! I get asked this my students a lot so I thought it would be helpful to share it with you all on here too!

I have made a bit of an assumption that you are going somewhere sunny and hot but of course this can be easily adapted to suit whatever climate you are headed to!

1)   yoga clothes

Check your schedule, and the washing facilities available. In a sweaty climate, if you are practicing twice a day, you may want to make sure you have a good number of changes. I tend to practice in a bra and leggings when it is hot (I find shorts too slippery if I’m sweaty, and bras are easier to rinse and dry than full tops, but of course it comes down to personal preference and what you are most comfortable in). If you are doing a dynamic morning practice and yin or restorative in the evenings, then you can probably get away with doubling up and wearing the evening clothes that didn’t get sweaty the following morning for the dynamic class.

2)   yoga mat and props

Always check what props are available. I would always recommend taking your own mat, as often retreat centre mats are a little worn out, or you can double up for extra padding! Remember you are probably going to be doing a LOT of yoga so while blocks can be bulky, if you use them in your practice, it is worth making sure there will be some available.

3)   Journal/note book and pen

When you are away on this kind of trip, you might find that things come up for you, or that you have moments of inspiration. Having a journal to hand to jot them all down can be a really amazing way to enhance your experience, or even just to record it for reflection at a later date!

4)   Books

It is rare for most of us to have time to totally switch off. On my retreats, I like to create a space that gives you total permission to totally disconnect. It is the perfect opportunity to get lost in a good book, especially if you like to hang out by the pool.

5)   light layers and a shawl/scarf

When you are packing for the sunshine, it’s easy to remember bikinis, sunglasses and flipflops. But even if the weather looks wonderful, I always like to pack some light layers and a scarf. You may end up staying up chatting, or want an extra layer for early meditation if that is in your schedule. You want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible at all times so have enough to stay warm if needed.


Annie Clarkeyoga, retreat