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The beautiful team over at CONTENT Beauty have collaborated with me, to bring you not only an incredible chance to win a huge Spring Refresh giveaway, but a truly thorough insight into the world of skincare! See below for a Q&A with the Founder of Content Beauty, Imelda Burke and more information on the competition.


1) How can the change in seasons affect our skin?

Different seasons come with the obvious changes in weather. Temperature, sun, wind and humidity can all affect the skin. For example, in winter, surrounded by drying central heating and colder temperatures, you may want to address hydration levels with a serum or dryness with an oil. During summer you may want to reduce your chances of sunspots so will look to increase your SPF usage and add a serum containing brown algae to protect against pigmentation.

2) Are there any tricks for identifying what is causing our skin to flare up? For example, are there any tell-tale signs that it could be hormonal rather than dietary.

I love the Chinese Medicine tool of face mapping. This is based on the idea that spots in certain areas of the face relate back to specific organs. For example, spots on the chin or jawline are often considered to originate from a hormonal imbalance. While spots on the forehead are linked to digestive issues (intestines), on the cheeks it could be issues with the stomach. Through the centre of the face is linked to liver function.

3) How is the skincare industry changing? Is there anything that worries you about the way people approach the word ‘natural’ in their product consumption?

With an increase in the number of people drawing parallels between their diet and wanting a botanical approach to their skincare, the beauty industry is exploring ways to connect with the consumer in this more natural way. You can see it now in every beauty store or pharmacy you visit. Where once there may have been few choices, now many stores have own-brand naturally inspired ranges and many of the industry’s trusted favourites have shifted their ingredients and sales language towards naturals.

When faced with a growing trend like natural skincare, many larger companies will try to maximise the message on their minimal natural ingredients (‘Our X moisturiser contains Y natural ingredients’). Trading standards regulations should stop this from being factually incorrect, but it doesn’t mean the message should be taken at face value. Using ingredient Y may not make the whole product natural.

Often, as with most trends, all is not what it seems, which is one of the main reasons I wrote The Nature of Beauty. I wanted our customers and beauty lovers to have a resource to educate themselves about the ingredients and terms brands use — to be empowered to know what to seek out as well as leave behind.

4) How do we look for natural products and are there any tips for avoiding ‘fake natural’ products or ingredients?

Ignore the product description – the only thing you can really rely on is the ingredient label! I have a whole section on common terms that brands use that should raise question marks for you. A couple of those include the use of words and phrases like pure, chemical free, nasties and dermatologically tested.

You might have a handle on what you are looking for when you leave the house, but when confronted with labels, ingredients can all start to look the same. A couple of helpful on-the- go resources I like are the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep (EWG) database and Think Dirty; both have apps that can be downloaded to your phone.

5) What are your top natural skincare tips for getting in touch with our own skin and working out the best routine without spending on products before we know they suit us?

The starting point I recommend is to first look at your plate, then look at your lifestyle. With all general skin types, the recipe for balance and finding your best routine often goes hand in hand with product, plate and your playtime – what you do to relieve stress. For example, too much sugar (which can also be in the form of white foods like bread and rice) really affects collagen production while a diet rich in trans fats is considered pro-inflammatory.

Then, before you reach for products, try the ‘Type Test’. Set aside a morning or afternoon at home for a little natural beauty experiment.

  •  Step 1: Start by removing all make-up and cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser – something non-foaming is best.

  •  Step 2: Apply a floral water or gentle toner – just make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol. Simple rose water is ideal.

  •  Step 3: Leave the skin with no moisturiser, facial oil or serum for at least two hours. Just let it be.

  •  Step 4: After a couple of hours, check your skin in a mirror. You are looking for dryness, flakiness and areas of oil. Make a list of what you can see.

If you have time, leave your skin for up to four or five hours and you’ll see how much oil there is and where it develops. If you find you can’t bear to go past the two hours without applying moisturiser, it’s safe to say your skin is dry!

6) What is your number one go to skin cure for:

a. Dry skin

Add a drop or two of an omega rich facial oil to your day cream. Try the Nourish Argan Skin Rescue or Kypris 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir.

b. Blemishes

Look for blemish busting ingredients like tea tree, neem, clary sage, manuka honey – this goes for your skincare and diet of course. For a spot treatment, try LUÉ Clear. More into masks? Try a Manuka Honey mask.

c. Red or irritated skin

Simplify your regime – go back to basics and avoid layering too many products. Ditch all products with sodium lauryl sulfate. This goes for your haircare as well. A gentle organic cream cleanser can also work wonders.

7) If you were telling people to make one switch in their bathroom cabinet or make up bag, what would it be?

The key product to upgrade first is anything that covers your whole body – it’s the largest surface area of skin, after all. Don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Switch your coconut butter lotion for raw coconut oil and the shea whip from your local body care shop to pure shea butter. By choosing an organic and natural body lotion or oil, you quickly and dramatically reduce the synthetic ingredients you are using over your largest area of skin.

Read more in ‘The Nature Of Beauty’ Ebury Press


You could be in the chance of winning these beautiful skincare goodies, including:

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Competition closes 11:59PM GMT Monday 24 April // One entry per person //Open worldwide

Good luck to all and thank you so much to the CB team :)

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