Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

There are lots of you who have been sending questions about Yoga Teacher Training, in fact it is probably the most common thing I get asked about. So I thought it would be useful to put it all in a video and blog post so that your FAQs are answered all in once place. I am sharing 2 videos on my YouTube channel, the first is about choosing a training (you can watch it here) and the second is coming next week which is all about what happens next once you have finished your course (coming next week!).

PART 1 (I will update this with part 2 next week).

How do you know if you want to become a teacher?

I don't know that we ever know things like this for sure. But if it feels right then I would say go for it because even if you don't teach when you complete the course, you will have gained so much for yourself. Teaching yoga is not an easy ride - so if you're looking for a way to do more yoga, drink green smoothies and travel the world, this isn't the quick solution. Teaching is hard. You will probably get injured, you will laugh and cry, you will make mistakes and doubt yourself, then feel wonderful and inspired, then make a million mistakes over again. It is rewarding, challenging and a wonderful privilege to be a teacher but to be a good teacher takes blood, sweat and tears. Yes, there will be awesome parts of the job but it is not easy. I want to make that really clear. BUT do not let that put you off because among all of that it is truly a wonderful thing to share the practice with students and help to guide them in their own practice and journey of self connection.

How do you know when you're ready?

There is no rule to answer this question. Yoga is different for everyone. You can have a strong practice without 'mastering' advanced postures. So this comes down to you and your practice. Always read the course requirements but as long as you meet those then don't worry. You'll always doubt yourself at times but if we wait to feel ready before we do something like this, you might wait a lifetime.

What qualification do you need?

Most studios etc will require for you to complete a 200hr foundation. You can build upon it later and do a further 300 hours which makes up your advanced qualification (500hrs) but the foundation comes first. The course itself is just the beginning of the learning though and you will lear so much from teaching and everything that happens after your foundation. You can then continue to do additional courses indefinitely and train in a variety of styles, disciplines and specialities.

How do you choose a course?

If you Google 'Yoga Teacher Training' it is easy to get completely overwhelmed as to where to start! I think there are a few key ways to narrow it down:

1) the time commitment - do you want to do an intensive, or spread it over a longer period of time? Do you have a limited amount of time to take off work? Do you have commitments at home that means you are limited to weekends etc?

2) the location - is there somewhere that you want to do it? Are you travelling elsewhere and want to make it part of your trip? Do you need something where you can live at home?

3) what style do you want to train in? what style to you practice and what is it that you want to share? 

4) what is your budget? Expensive courses aren't always better - work out if the money is going on the course, accommodation etc and work out your priorities. It has to work for you and your budget, so don't feel as though you have to spend the most in order to get the best teaching. Make sure that the school has the correct accreditation (this guide is quite helpful).

So I hope that helps to point you in the right direction. Please do let me know of other questions that arise! And I will update with part 2 very soon!

Annie Clarke