Gift Guide 2017

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I absolutely love Christmas shopping (online... I HATE Christmas shopping in store!). There is something really wonderful about taking time to think of someone special, feel gratitude for having them in your life and to choose something as a token of that love and thanks. While I try to be conscious about my consumption, particularly at Christmas, I definitely do take a lot of pleasure in scrolling through and finding beautiful gifts. So I thought I would share them with you guys too, to help you find some ideas of gifts for your loved ones, and have tried to cover a range of prices and themes to help you out with the last of your Christmas shopping!

Just click the image to take you to the websites of the gifts you like and use the arrows to scroll through all of the ideas before you decide. I hope you find something here that you think they will love - and please know that none of this is in collaboration with any brand, it really is just a collection of some of my favourite finds from brands that I love! For that reason, I have chosen not to write a list of the names and brands, but of course when you click the images, I would encourage you to shop around as some of the shops are beautiful! And if I think of any more, I will make sure to add to it over the next week in case you are stuck at the last minute.

TOP TIPS: Consume a little more consciously, take the time to think of what you are buying, and make sure you check out the earth-friendly section for yourself and your loved ones because everyone should have those things too!

And if you would rather get crafty, you could make a batch of mince pies which always go down a treat!

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Annie Clarke