Giving With A Grateful Heart: kikki.K Gift Guide


You may have already seen but I am a big fan of all things kikki.K. I love that everyday essentials like stationary can be a pathway to living a more mindful everyday life. This year, as part of their Christmas campaign, I've put together a list of my favourite gifts from kikki.K, choosing each with a different person in mind. I wanted to share them with you, to give you an idea of the gratitude behind my gift choices this year and hopefully to inspire you to get the rest of your Christmas shopping done this weekend if you need some ideas.

I really love giving gifts, as a token of love and gratitude (and also because I love to shop, but don't like to have lots of things myself) but I also think sometimes we buy gifts for the sake of it and so this year I am trying my best to give with presence, to be thoughtful in my choices and give with true love and gratitude! If you like my choices, I've set up a fancy feature so you can click the pictures to take you to the product on the Kikki.K site. Technology, eh?!

And here is the video I posted last week, all about my year of creating a gratitude practice. And if you check out the 'Annie's Advent' playlist I've got gifts for yogis, home made gifts and lots of festive fun on there to keep you entertained!


This content was created in partnership with kikki.K. I only work with brands that I really love so everything written and shared is honest, genuine, my words and my picks! I borrowed the images from kikki.K.