Thank You & Happy Holidays

2016 has been a really strange but wonderful year for me in many ways. Just one year on from completing my yoga teacher training, I am now feeling as though I have really found what it is that I am meant to be doing right now. That isn't to say things wont change; If you've followed my blog from early days, I am sure you will have noticed the gradual shift in content as I have learned and grown. I hope you still love it, or maybe even prefer it now, but just know that it really has been an authentic process, a creative outlet to allow me to explore, and most importantly I have become part of a really beautiful community that I am grateful for every day. I still can't believe that people read what I write, like my pictures on Instagram and come back to my classes week after week and I am so humbled by the continuous support of you all.

Towards the end of the year, I have found myself torn between wanting to do everything I possibly can to share and grow as a teacher, a writer and as a person, and being too tired to do it all to my best ability. So for the next 2 weeks or so, I am taking some time out to just fuel up, take time for myself and just enjoy being with my friends and family. I realised that every time I go away, I never take a holiday and in order to be truly giving, I have to fuel up my own cup from time to time too. Most of the time, I get that from yoga, meditation, eating well, working out etc but sometimes we could all benefit from a little extended time off. And I really hope that you get to do the same too.

Annie's Advent will be running on my YouTube channel until 24th with a new video each day, and the last few videos are all about helping you to fill up over the Christmas break with 2 new yoga flows and a meditation so I hope you enjoy those, especially if your local teacher is taking time out too! And then from 26th, I will be running a #12DaysToTuneIn campaign on my Instagram so make sure you check in and get involved.

I've also got lots of events and workshops on my event page to help you get going in the new year, as well as 4 new weekly classes for my 2017 timetable too. With my book launch on 9th February, its going to be  a pretty busy start to the year. And I can't wait.

For those of you taking a break, I wish you the most nurturing time and hope you feel refreshed and reenergised for the new year ahead.

For those of you celebrating, wishing you a very happy holiday, whatever that means to you.

And to all of you, sending love, light and gratitude from the bottom of my heart.


Annie x

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