Just One More Gift Guide

I know, I've already given lots of ideas this year, but I couldn't resist one more share of some of my favourite things to help you get through any last minute gift buying. I still have some to do, and will be braving the shops today as I chase around to collect the last things on my list, whilst probably muttering to myself that I should give up on the commercialisation of the holiday and giving myself a lesson on being a more conscious consumer! But I do LOVE giving presents, especially really pretty but also helpful ones, to show my appreciation and gratitude for the people I love and so I've got a good little list of goodies that I have found on my quest for the perfect gifts. I promise, this one last post, then no more gift guides from me!

Click the images for links to the product websites (this is not a sponsored post - no affiliate links or adverts! Just my genuine picks!)

Annie Clarke