#NoTimeToWaste: Initiative

January. The month of resolutions. 'Failing' before you've even started. Resolving once again to do better, drink less, exercise more... I prefer intentions. The idea of putting my conscious energy into something without fixating on the outcome but focusing more on the process.

Towards the end of the year, I became more and more aware of several social issues, one of which being the extensive production of waste that is resulting from the ongoing lifestyle of convenience and excess that so much of the world has adopted.

I began to reframe things that I have taken for granted, realising that to have the luxury of choice is a privilege in many ways, and that there is a lot more action that we are able to take to reduce the daily impact of our lifestyles on the ever suffering earth. So if I am lucky enough to be able to make choices, then I am starting to realise a greater sense of responsibility for the choices I make.


And so #notimetowasteinitiative was born early this week in collaboration with my lovely friend Lotte of Living Yoga (@_livingyoga) where we are spending the next month making active decisions to choose conscious consumption over personal convenience wherever possible and doing our absolute best to produce as little waste as possible.

If you are familiar with the #zerowaste movement on social media and beyond, you will see that different people interpret it in different ways. For most people, 'waste' refers to anything that cannot be composted, repurposed or recycled aka has to go to landfill. However, to really enhance my efforts this month, I am trying to avoid recycled packaging too where possible because particularly over Christmas and following a few events I've hosted recently, I realised that I was also recycling a huge quantity of cardboard which although is reusable, is often contaminated during the process and sent to landfill, or uses a lot of resources to process (more on this at a later date).

So my pledge, or rather our pledge and perhaps one you would like to join us in, is to think before consuming. To make choices that prioritise the earth ahead of our own short term convenience, and to minimise unnecessary purchases, packaging and other transactions that have an impact on the earth.

Each day we will be sharing a tip using the #notimetowasteinitiative hashtag on instagram to offer up ideas of small changes that we can consider. The main thing to remember is that it isn't about becoming 'zero waste' overnight, and it certainly isn't about being perfect. I will also be sharing my challenges or times where my choices don't match my pledge because I spent so long avoiding this initiative for fear of 'failing'. Of course we cannot fail so long as we are considering our choices more. No action is ever wasted and a change however big or small is a positive step.

I hope you join us in some way - and make sure you share any tips so that we can learn from each other. Lets get the conversation going #notimetowasteinitiative.

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