Simple Eco-Friendly Ideas for the Festival Go-er

I’m off to Glastonbury Festival this week and it tends to mark the beginning of Festival season across the UK and Europe. This year, in line with the Festival’s ‘leave no trace’ efforts, I am dong my best to approach the festival with sustainability in mind. Here are a few ideas for how to reduce your footprint on the festival site and to take forward into the rest of the summer/year/life!

Take your own cutlery, water bottle, and a bowl

Whether you are planning to make your own food yourself or buy from the amazing selection of food stalls, think about how much disposable packaging each meal requires. If you can bring your own eating utensils and just give them a rinse at the water taps it goes a long way to reducing down your personal contribution to the enormous amount of waste created. Even if you are using recyclable or compostable packing, it isn’t always easy to put them in the correct bins. This way, you know you are doing your bit!

Think about your toiletries

Single use baby wipes, wet wipes and make up wipes are a quick way to fill up landfill sites. Think about switching to a reusable flannel or find some biodegradable wipes to keep you clean without contributing to the mountains of waste. The toiletries you use can also harm the land, so where possible use detergents that are kind to the earth as well as your skin! And don’t forget about glitter – it is usually made from plastic so pic up some pots of the biodegradable kind to help you sparkle without leaving a trail of plastic behind!

Pack light

More stuff means more cars/coaches/trains so pack light and lessen the load. Not only will you save on fuel but you’ll also be grateful for having less to carry when you have to trek across the festivals site to set up camp!

Take everything home

Following on from the previous point, take home whatever you brought with you to the festival, no matter how muddy and smelly it may get! Whatever mess you create is your responsibility so pack light, look after your things and take them home with you.

Dispose of waste appropriately

 Try not to throw rubbish on the floor or ditch your can in the wrong bin. Again, while convenience often overrules our actions, try to be more mindful of the way in which you clear up after yourself!

Don’t pee on the land!

We all know how horrible festival toilets can be and when nature calls in the middle of the night or after a few too many warm ciders, the walk through the mud to find the nearest portaloo can seem treacherous but that is when we need to put the earth before our own convenience and make an effort to respect the land. It is really damaging, particularly in the scale of a festival, so try your best to hold it until you reach the loos!

Here are some of the products I'm packing and I'll be sharing more ideas on a YouTube video tomorrow!


Annie Clarke