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ABOUT TOMORROW: Shape of the Future: How to Debunk Health Myths + Be Healthy for Life by About Time Mag

It can be a confusing word, "health". What does it really mean in this day and age? How can we filter through all the messages of the media to better our health, for life? We delve deep into the world of health at this special panel event with some of the UK's leading voices on health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. We'll be hearing from a range of voices within the health industry, on the shape of the future, how to improve your health in the long term, make peace with food and understand what's best for your body. We'll be finding out what nutrition and health really means today, with special guests Rhiannon Lambert, Harley Street Nutritionist, Alice Liveing, Personal Trainer and Instagram fitness star, Kimberly Wilson, Psychologist, Cat Meffan and Annie Clarke of Mind Body Bowl, London yoga gurus, Joslyn Thompson Rule, NIKE Master Trainer and Angelique Panagos, Nutritionist and Hormone Specialist. Let's talk wellness.

You can get the full event description and info on all of the speakers here.