Unicorn Toast & Raspberry Cashew Butter

I saw the trend of 'Unicorn Toast' on Instagram a little while ago and got pretty excited. I try not to get sucked into the silly phases of what's instagrammable and fashionable to be making, but there's something about this one that drew me in! Then with all the colours of Gay Pride at the weekend, I decided it was about time to give it a go.

I wanted to use all natural 'dyes' to get the different colours so the four variations I used were just from what I had at home - ground turmeric, matcha powder, blueberry powder and freeze-dried raspberries - its a good excuse to use up any other powders that you might have bought and left unused in your cupboard such as acai or spirulina too.

In this recipe, I am just talking about the raspberry because that was the best one and one that I would make and enjoy outside of the unicorn toast phenomenon! But the method for the others is the same - you add the powder to the cashew butter and then mix with a spoon or blend until you have your desired colour!


Ingredients (makes 1 large jar)

300g of cashews

50-75g of freeze dried raspberries

Preheat the oven to 180c. Spread the cashews on a large baking tray and dry roast for about 15 minutes until they are about to turn golden. Make sure you give them a mix around to prevent burning. 

Remove the tray from the oven and pick out any that have gone a darker brown as they can teint the taste of the whole jar.

Let them cool  a little before placing them in a food processor. They can get really hot, enough so that they could even melt the plastic so give them a few minutes. Then whizz them up until a smooth, creamy nut butter forms. This can take a long time depending on your blender - about 10-15 mins in my Magimix. 

Then add in the raspberries until the colour runs evenly throughout the nut butter. You can also transfer into a blender if you want to get the smaller chunks of raspberry to go smooth too.

Then leave the nut butter to completely cool before transferring to an air tight jar to store.

Annie Clarke