How I Eat on a Long Journey

I've had a lot of emails and questions over the last year or so about what I eat on a long journey and I can totally understand why. Sitting down on a plane, train or in a car for a long period of time usually makes me feel bloated and I know that is the same for lots of you. Over time thanks to lots of experimentation I have come to realise that I can do a lot to ease that through what I eat during the journey. The most important thing I want you guys to take away from this is that this is what makes ME feel good but it has taken a lot of trial and error. This is intended as a guide, or a bit of inspiration, to help you figure out what works for YOU.

1. Keep it fresh!

I always make a kale salad a fresh humous to put in a tupperware and take with me. I like to have fresh veg, and other salads often go a bit soggy. The tougher leaves are a little more resilient, and so kale salad is my favourite choice! I usually find that the tupperware comes in handy at some other point during my trip (just remember to wash it out asap!). Of course you can usually pick up a salad fairly easily on the way but by making it at home you can fill it with your favourite things, use up any leftovers from your fridge and know that it is really fresh. On my flight to India, I made a big tupperware full of brown rice, roasted veg and hummus. It travelled so well and lasted me two meals!

2. Porridge

I found the best trick for early mornings or long haul flights where you will need breakfast on the go is to pack a little bag of oats. I usually add in some dessicated coconut, cinnamon and raisins. Then, all that is needed is a paper cup and some boiling water (go to a coffee shop, buy a fresh banana to go on top and ask for the cup of water too!) and you have instant oats wherever you go. Rude Health have also read my mind here and now offer porridge pots that aren't loaded with condensed milk and sugar like lots of others.

3. Snacks

This is more a rule for life than just for long journeys, but I always like to take snacks. I am one of those people that eats to pass the time on a long journey, and I don't know that I will ever change that. So if I'm going to snack, I might as well do it right! 

4. Water

I know drinking lots of water is not the most convenient thing when you are travelling but it's so important to remember to stay hydrated. Your body and skin will seriously feel better for it and so I always take a big bottle on my travels.

5. Ginger Shot!

Because it helps me feel invincible!


Annie Clarke