Workout of the Week: 20th July - How to Start Running


AnnieClarke3 So this week’s workout is a little less structured and requires a bit of self motivation. It hopes to get you running - and that could be anything from a 5 minute jog, to a long distance run. So many people are terrified of running and I can totally understand why. Until I was 16, running was my idea of absolute hell – I always came last in the Cross Country race at school, despite playing netball and tennis regularly. I don’t know if it was my mind or my body that was stopping me but I would not and could not (or so I thought) run. Somehow, after I eventually grew at about 15 or 16, I decided to give running a chance. I was craving exercise and a way to clear my head so I tied up my trainers and set off. I was back in my front door within 5 minutes of my first pace, red faced and nauseous. But, with newfound determination, I didn’t let this put me off and the next day I ran that little bit further. Within a matter of weeks, I had fallen in love with running and the more I ran, the better I got. 6 months later I won the biathlon at school (and believe me it was NOT the swimming that got me that medal). Without realising, I had accidentally trained myself to run 5km like it was a walk in the park. In search of headspace and to appease my need to move a little more each day, I had discovered that, after all those years, I actually could run! And so can you - The trick is to start slow. It is so easy to be impatient, over critical and hard on ourselves when we start something new. I want you to spend the next week making a commitment to yourself, to go for a run, and then go for another. Finally, fit in one more at some point in your week. If you need something with a clear structure, there is a great app called Couch to 5k which provides a great training plan for beginners, or anyone wanting to get back into running. The best thing about running is that all you have to do is put on your trainers and step outside the front door so it is such a time-effective workout. If you find it hard to make time to exercise, getting up 20 minutes earlier is all you need for a lap around the block which will fill your lungs with fresh air and get your whole body working. If you've been nervous until now, I urge you to give it a try - Happy running! AnnieClarke4