Summer Survival Guide


IMG_5705 Whether your hitting the beach, a music festival or just heading to the park to make the most of this sunshine, I wanted to give you my top tips to help you glow inside and out.


Vitamin D is so important and I'm a big believer in catching some rays in order to help the body to produce enough. Not only does a little colour in your skin make you feel healthy mentally (who doesn't feel better with a little bit of a tan), it is also needed for the absorption of calcium within the body. However, if you are planning on staying outside for a while, or worried you might get caught out in the sun, make sure you protect your skin against sun damage by using a good sunscreen. I love this one by Yaoh! which comes in SPF15 or SPF30 It is hemp based and made with much kinder ingredients than your typical suncream whilst still leaving you with a healthy glow!

Exfoliating is really important at this time of year to remove dead skin cells, prevent peeling skin or blotchy patches. This new beauty recipe is the perfect exfoliator that will help to smooth and soothe your skin. Just follow it up with a gentle moisturise and watch your skin glow!

Coconut oil is a wonder product all year round. In the summer it comes in handy as a moisturiser and after-sun, as well as a nourishing hair mask after days in the sun. It is absolutely vital to avoid applying it before sun exposure though as it will have the opposite effect and you will end up drying out your skin and hair by cooking it in the sun, leading to potentially very nasty burns or blisters.


Food & Drink

Staying hydrated is important all year round but in the heat we need to pay added attention to how much water we consume. I always carry round a refillable bottle that is about a litre big so that I can keep track of how much I am drinking. I make sure that I get at least 3 litres of water a day and try to drink regularly rather than gulping it all down in one go. Try to avoid too much caffeine when it is hot too, as that can dehydrate you further and make sure you over compensate for any sweaty workouts, not only with water but with natural salts and sugars to keep you in balance.


Energy balls are perfect when you are on the go too. The only problem is that they can get a little sticky in the heat. Try popping them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 180c - this makes them a little more cake like and stops them from squishing in your pocket! I packed a huge bag of them which I took with me to Glastonbury - they lasted so well and gave me a protein boost when I struggled to find a balanced meal.


Summer brings so many amazing, sweet and colourful fruits. I love making a fruit salad, leaving it in the fridge to keep cool and then drizzling it with some fresh lime to snack on, eat for breakfast, or serve as desert. I also like to make sure I get some green juice as much as possible in the summer. If I'm travelling around, I take a small cool bag with a few in to give me a nutrient boost throughout the day. They're much more refreshing than a mid-morning or afternoon coffee and much better for you than a fizzy drink packed with refined sugar and artificial ingredients. It will work wonders for your skin and digestive system too.


Mango sorbet or banana ice cream is the perfect way to cool off. I try to keep some chopped up, overripe bananas in my freezer so that I can whizz them up whenever I need a refreshing treat. Frozen grapes are great too - they are sweet and cooling and full of goodness for when everyone else is reaching for an ice lolly!



Whether youre sweating it out in a yoga class or going al fresco with a workout in the park, dressing to suit the weather is key to staying comfortable. I like to stick to light, sweat wicking fabrics and bright prints to bring a little summer sparkle to my workouts. I tend to avoid grey when working out on a sticky day - while it doesn't matter mid work out, the walk home can be a little uncomfortable if you are covered in awkward sweat patches! That said, no one will doubt your commitment if you do choose to go grey...


I'm really into lots of the prints at Lululemon at the moment. In particular, I would definitely recommend the leggings that I wore to their midsummer yoga event in Stockholm last month and they kept me cool on a dry warm evening. Unfortunately, the cropped version of these aren't available online at the moment, but the long ones are awesome too.


This Onzie tank is great for a weights workout or an outdoor run. It's light and breathable, with plenty of room for a cooling draft on your skin! I'd skip it for yoga though, unless you like your top acting as a balaclava in your down-dog! They have some pretty cool legging too, which double up as festival wear if you like loud prints.