Workout of the Week: 29th June - Ab Tracks


P1150288 I find that abs are really tricky to workout. We tend to leave them to the end of a session when we are already tired and probably ready to de-sweat and stretch out. Doing hundreds of crunches can get a little boring and being creatures of habit, most of us will do the same exercises to hit our abs again and again.

Our abdominal muscles are pretty resilient to fatigue, contracting countless times a day to stabalise the spinal column, and so in order to give them a good work out, you need to do a higher number of reps than when working other muscles in your body. This is because abs are made up of a greater percentage of slow-twitch muscle fibers – the type of muscle fiber that is used in endurance exercise). That said, to really sculpt our abs, we need to look after the fast-twitch fibers too so we should vary between high rep, low weight and low rep, high weight to recruit all of the fibers.

This workout focuses on working the slow-twitch fibers using just our own body weight with high repetitions. In my own workouts I wanted to find a way to get through an ab workout without my mind wandering too much which often leads to skipping out of the last few minutes when I realise I have too much to do to keep crunching! The way I have been doing this is by choosing a song, selecting two exercises and then doing one in every verse and the other in every chorus.

Below are three songs, each with 2 accompanying exercises. Exercise 1 should be done in the ‘verse’ and exercise 2 in the ‘chorus’ (or just swap where the music changes. You can choose your own songs or use my suggestions below just keep going to the end of the track! For some people, three tracks is probably too much – in which case try to start with one or two and take a minute to rest between each one.

Major Lazor – Lean on

Exercise 1 – Crunch

Exercise 2 – Ab Bikes


Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix)

Exercise 1 – Plank

Exercise 2 – Leg Raises


Wilkinson – Afterglow

Exercise 1 – Russian Twists

Exercise 2 – Mountain Climbers


As always, let me know what you think – and how your abs feel!