Workout of the Week: 22nd June - Stair Sprints


IMG_7362 This week’s workout is sure to get your heart rate rising! I wanted to choose another workout that doesn’t require a gym or lots of equipment and most of us can find some stairs for these. It is another interval workout but this time with just one exercise that is repeated. Stair sprints are incredible for engaging the glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings, giving you a great lower body strength workout, as well as providing you with a great cardio workout.

I love to do them outside but any staircase will do, the longer the better! In an ideal world, a staircase that takes around 10 seconds to run up is best, but for me that is hard to find so my intervals are much shorter. A brisk walk back down the stairs works as active recovery and you want your recovery to be about 3 times as long as your run up the stairs. So for example, a ten second sprint would be followed by 30 seconds recovery which means that you may get a few seconds to catch your breath once you get back down the stairs.

Like with any HIIT workout, you are aiming to work at 90-95% of your maximum in the effort phase so the sprints should be flat out. That said, if this is totally new to you, then a slower pace is a great way to build up to these sprints and still an effective workout as long as you are working hard and pushing yourself!

This is really simple exercise that requires little direction so you can get straight into it. Just make sure you warm up well first and, of course, consult your doctor if there is anything you are unsure of!

To get a feel for the stairs, and warm your body up, start by taking a slow run up and down the stairs 3 times. Find your footing, work out if you are taking one or two steps at a time and get used to that spacing.

Then take one sprint run of the stairs and time yourself to get a rough idea of the length of time it takes. Now multiple this by three for your rest time. Once you have your rest time, you can get started!

You want to spend 10-20 minutes on your stair sprints (you can do less if you want to include them as part of a circuit or a longer exercise session). Simply sprint the stairs, then jog or walk back down and wait at the bottom until the end of the rest period. Repeat for the set duration of time. After 10 sprints, take a minutes rest if needed to allow your muscles and breathing to chill slightly!

It’s as easy as that. You’ll get your heart beating and legs toning in no time! Let me know how you get on and have a wonderful week.