Events: Outdoor Yoga Series


IMG_5330.JPG I am so excited to launch the tickets for my first Mind Body Bowl events. I will be kicking things off with a series of Outdoor Yoga Picnics where I have teamed up with some of the teachers that have inspired me the most in my yoga journey so far! Each picnic will take place in one of London's beautiful parks and will begin with a 60 minute invigorating yoga class taught by one either Steffy, Celest or Charlie. We will then enjoy a picnic style breakfast with granola, fresh juice, delicious almond milk from Alt Milk and other fresh and delicious treats.


MBB x Steffy White: Tuesday 14th July, 9-11am - Hamstead Heath

Steffy an ex-party girl who found yoga as a way to health and happiness in such a fast paced world who believes that before we can accept others, help others, love others we must start with achieving all three with ourselves. Having trained in India, Steffy is now a 400 hour advanced yoga teacher, teaching Rocket Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Meditation and Chakra philosophy. Join us for a fast paced class that will get your body moving in the fresh air. The class is open to all levels and tickets are available here.

MBB x Celest Pareira: Sunday 26th July, 9.30-11.30am - Clapham Common

Celest's two greatest loves are movement and people, who's focus as a teacher is on getting people who love yoga to do cool things with their bodies. Celest is deeply passionate about yoga and wants people to leave her classes surprised by what they have accomplished. She is a professionally trained dancer and martial artist therefore her talents lie in teaching yoga asanas that link and flow, helping one discover the relationship between the poses. She has also completed a BSc in Physiotherapy lending to an in depth knowledge of the human body, how it works and what it can do. Her philosophy is that all one needs to do yoga is have a little courage and lots of fun! In this class, expect to work hard. Advanced postures will be woven into the flow and broken down to their most basic form so all levels will benefit. Tickets are available here.

MBB x Charlie Morgan: Tuesday 4th August, 9-11am - Battersea Park

Charlie has been practicing yoga for 12 years. Initially coming to it from a workout perspective, it fast became something pretty integral to her life after an amazing trip to the Himalayan Institute of Yoga. Keen to share the positive effect that yoga had on her life, she left her corporate job and qualified in Bali with WLYA. She teaches in top studios in and around London and runs regular retreats abroad. Expect a down-to-earth class, full of fun and happiness! Charlie works by the philosophy that 'yoga is for all' so come and join us! Tickets are available here

I can't wait to meet you on the mat and for to talk all things health and fitness over a refuelling breakfast! Meeting points will be emailed to you nearer the time. For any questions, please get in touch