Workout of the Week: 15th June - Pyramid Workout


IMG_6658 I want to introduce a new section of the site to you guys that focuses on getting active and introducing new and fun ways to workout. Each week I will be posting a workout of the week to inspire you to mix things up! Most of us get into such a routine with exercise and there is a lot to be said for shaking things up, using new muscles, encouraging different types of fitness and discovering new ways to have fun!

So one week it might be some yoga, another it might be a bodyweight circuit, or even a 10 minute challenge to try to fit into your day for that week. If you love it, stick at it and if it isn’t for you there will be something new and totally different the following week. So give it a try, mix things up and get sweating!

Now that it is summer in the UK we can just about get away with exercising outside. I love to take advantage of this and my workouts at the moment are based around what I can do in the garden, park or pavement. Lots of us are familiar with HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) where we get our heart rate up to around 90% of our maximum for short sharp bursts. There are so many different ways this can be done and over time I will be sharing more of these with you but I thought I would start with one that isn’t so common – a pyramid workout.

The great thing about this workout is that it requires nothing but your own beautiful body and enough space to plank! It combines both weight training and cardiovascular exercises to get your heart rate up and your muscles working hard.

Repetitions               Exercise    

10                              Burpees

20                              Press-Ups

30                              Squat Jumps

40                              Alternate Lunges (20 each side)

50 (seconds)             High Knees

60                              Squats

70                              Mountain Climbers

80                              Ab Bikes (40 each side)

90 (seconds)             Plank

100                            Jumping Jacks

You can take a 10 second rest between each exercise and a 60 second rest at the top of the pyramid.

The idea is that you work your way up the pyramid, and then work your way back down again.


We are all at different levels of fitness and used to certain exercises so some people will find this much harder or easier than others. The key thing is to get as far up the pyramid as you can. It shouldn’t be easy! If you only get to 40, that’s great – you have your starting point and you have set your own target. If you make it to the top first time, then that’s awesome too – now time yourself and see if you can beat that next time!

Just give it a go, push yourself and, most importantly, enjoy it!

Let me know how you get on – I would love to hear your feedback and progress!