A Healthy Guide to Barcelona


Last week I took a city break with my family - I had the most amazing few days wondering the streets of Barcelona, enjoying the sunshine and exploring all the healthy hot spots. I was so grateful for all of the recommendations I received from so many of you on instgaram and tried to get myself (and my sometimes enthusiastic family) to as many of them as possible! I thought it might be helpful to share my highlights with you for anyone planning their own city break. I was completely surprised by how available healthy options are – when I think of Spanish food it is all tapas, paella, tons of oil and lots of chorizo, not the best place necessarily for someone like me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Of course, the streets are lined with tapas, tapas and more tapas but we also stumbled across so many healthy places too. ‘Organic’ seems to be a bit of a buzz word and not every organic restaurant served things that I could eat but it is definitely a sign that things were heading in the right direction!


There are tons of vegetarian restaurants, juice bars and a few chains of organic supermarkets similar to Whole Foods or Planet Organic -Veritas and Woki Organic Market seemed to be the two biggest chains I came across in terms of speciality supermarkets – often relatively small but perfect for anything you might need on a holiday. The one thing that seemed particularly impressive was the availability of plant-based milks! Even the smallest shops had some sort of milk alternative and while a lot of them were brands like Alpro, packed with emulsifiers and unnecessary additives, hidden among them in our local supermarket were cartons of rice and oat milk which contained nothing but oats (or rice) and water.

Teresa Carles was such a hit with the whole family. The vegetarian restaurant really has something for everyone with a well-labelled menu making it really easy to find what suits you. You can share some starters such as the veggie tower or coconut ceviche, then build your own salad for one or to share from a delicious list of ingredients or try the signature kale salad (I’m obsessed with the dressing). The chocolate cake is to die for – we were so full that we had to take it away but it made the perfect afternoon snack after a long walk around the city. We also picked up juice from Teresa’s Juicery for breakfast the following day which were delicious and very reasonably priced too!


Blue Project Café reminds me of Nama in London – artistic and interesting, but a little lighter making it a great lunch spot! We had the most amazing courgette rolls, raw pizza and kale salad which were all so beautifully presented!


The Juice House was one of the favourites for sure. It's relatively new and is a perfect stop off for juice, banana bread (contains eggs so my sister was the official taste tester for that one) and savoury porridge! The staff are really friendly, the brownies are amazing and they do the best ginger shot I think I have ever had! P1140961


La Boqueria was one of the most exciting places! It is absolutely buzzing with locals and tourists alike, with stall upon stall of fresh fruit, nuts, spices and local dishes. Watch out for the juices though - they all contain added sugar so it is best to stick to the fruit. For €1.50 you can grab a cup of fresh mixed fruit or choose from the amazing pic'n'mix style stalls with the juiciest medjool dates!


Citymapper was such a great resource when we were there - all of these places can be found on there so you wont be wandering round aimlessly. That said, if you do find yourself a little lost and hungry, it really shouldn't be hard to find something and I would love to hear any other finds for my next trip!!