Chia Pudding Pots

Chia seeds are so nutritious! I love putting them in smoothies and porridge to add texture and goodness to my breakfast. I decided to try soaking them to make a 'gel' as I had read that it was really easy and delicious. Most recipes I looked at just soaked them in water or coconut water so I decided to attempt a little twist!

Ingredients (makes 3 pots)

250ml coconut water
1 banana
2tbsp chia seeds

This is so, so simple... Just blend the banana and coconut water in a blender until it becomes a smooth liquid. Poor the liquid into pots, leaving room to add the seeds.

Stir in the seeds, dividing evenly between each pot (this can be done before you pour into the pots but make sure you use a spoon and DON'T blend!)
Once the seeds are evenly mixed in, put them in the fridge to soak and set!