Super Simple Energy Balls

Energy balls are EVERYWHERE at the moment! They really have taken the health world by storm and there are so many different recipes to choose from it really can be hard to know where to start! It really isn't very surprising as they are such a perfect thing to keep in your fridge or freezer to grab in a hurry and take only a few minutes to make.
I absolutely love the chocolate and banana protein balls that I posted a while ago but variety is always good too! This recipe is always my starting point. It so yummy on its own but it also acts as a perfect base that you can add to in order to suit your own tastes, lifestyle and cupboards! These are so simple yet delicious, giving you that perfect amount of sweetness for an afternoon sugar craving or to fuel before or after exercise without spiking your blood sugar in the same way that sugary treats do. They are also perfect for taking on long journeys and I am making a big batch this weekend before a long flight on Monday!
Basic Ingredients (makes around 15)
200g of almonds
200g of medjool dates
3 tbsps of maple syrup
(I also rolled these in a sprinkling of desiccated coconut but that is definitely not essential!)
Other Ingredient Ideas
Nut butter
Chia seeds
Goji berries
Dried apricot
Fresh banana (these won't last as long!)
Raw cacao nibs
Hemp seeds
Raw cacao
Hemp powder
Baobab powder
Maca powder
Desiccated coconut
This list really is not exhaustive and you really can’t go too wrong with these. If you add in lots of things you will need to increase the amount of dates and maple syrup in order to keep the mixture sticky enough to roll into balls.
Start by whizzing up the almonds (or other nuts) in a food processor until they are broken into small pieces. You don’t want to leave them long enough to form a flour so keep an eye on them as they mix!

Once the nuts are broken up, add in the pitted dates and maple syrup and whizz until a sticky mixture forms. You can then add in any other ingredients and either stir by hand or in the food processor until evenly blended.
Taking a small amount of the slightly sticky mixture, use the palms of your hands to roll into balls. If you are covering them in desiccated coconut or chia seeds, once the balls are rolled sprinkle the covering into your palms and continue to roll them to give an even coating.
These can be frozen or eaten as they are. They are best stored in the freezer or fridge and will last for around 2 weeks in the fridge or a month or two in the freezer!