Keeping Healthy As The Seasons Change


IMG_1414We're coming to the end of what seems to be the longest, sunniest summer I can remember in London. I feel so unbelievably grateful to have been able to make the most of all the good whether at home, without craving a holiday to chase the sun! My first big tip is ginger. Ideally ginger shots, but also in soups, as a fresh tea, or any way you can get this wonder warrior into your every day. It really is a game changer for me, whenever I feel under the weather it can be the difference between a little tickle and full blown bout of flu. Keeping our immune system strong and healthy with lots of colourful fruit and veg is also really essential for helping us to survive the transitions. So be mindful of your diet, do what you can to nourish and protect your body and stay hydrated, warm (or cool) and dry where possible.

Be mindful of the way in which the season can impact your mental health. As the days begin to shorten here in the UK, I always notice that my energy, mood and outlook can change quite suddenly. It is so important at this time to do what we can to nurture ourselves, body and mind.

Be open to switching things up. If you are feeling tired, achey or just generally not yourself, you may want to look at your workout routine. It is so important to stay active, but sometimes the new season can shift what it is that our bodies need. We also may feel different from doing the same exercise, because our bodies respond differently to things like temperature, humidity and a hundred other factors.

While colder weather and dark evenings leave many of us craving comfort food, persistent overindulgence can leave us feeling full, heavy and lethargic. I love to make and enjoy hearty meals, but keep it in mind that your body still needs nourishing. Vegetable stews, curries and creamy soups can be a great way to get the comfort without compromising on nutrition which ultimately will help to fuel and protect your body against any bugs or bouts of illness that often accompany the season change.

Finally, although you may be feeling more tired than normal, try not to oversleep. Studies show that excessive sleep can contribute to depression and lethargy. Do your best to get up and out of the house, to wrap up warm and to give yourself something to do. Fresh air is always a good idea, even if it does seem grey and cold outside. Gentle morning yoga or light exercise first thing can really help us to feel refreshed and prepare us for the day ahead. Do what your body needs, be kind, be intuitive and embrace the change!