Who Are You Posing For?

Do not feel lonelythe whole universe is inside youI came across this quote this week that I've been replaying in my mind, and sharing in my classes ever since. I don't know why it has stuck so strongly with me, but perhaps because in a few simple words it identifies everything that we are missing in our yoga practise. When I say 'we' I don't mean every single one of us, I just mean as a collective community of people who may or may not practice yoga and in particular who use social media in our pursuit of 'balance' or 'wellness' or whatever else we are looking for! Sometimes I feel as though social media looses its value as an amazing source of inspiration and even guidance, and in stead becomes a platform to pose, compare and judge ourselves and others. In that moment, we are loosing the true essence of yoga, a method that teaches us to connect to ourselves, in favour for a more egotistical purpose of posing to project an image that we want others to see.

I really wanted to take the time - for my students, but also for myself - to come back to the true purpose of yoga. To remember the purpose of the practise and to remind us all that there is so much more to the practise than posing.

Yoga is a means by which we can begin to, or continue to, develop a connection between the mind and the body and to allow us to remove the business of the world around us in order to develop a better understanding of our true nature. The physical nature of a yoga class allows us to quieten the mind and remove some of the business that we experience as a result of the various pressures that we face. While each of us may have a different reason that we arrive on the mat - maybe you are looking for something more physical - but the reason that unites us is that we are all there for ourselves. Whatever it is that we are looking to achieve or experience, we are doing something for ourselves by taking that time out of our day.

So I guess I just wanted to remind us all of that, but also to remind myself. Yoga is a personal practice and that is what the true purpose of the practice is.