16-18s Urban Day Retreat


I am really excited to be hosting a day long event especially for teens. Looking around, I've noticed that many, or in fact most wellness events are marketed to over 18s. The more I thought about it, the crazier it seemed, since so many habits we have as adults are created earlier on in life. I personally remember when I was a teenager, I found the concept of balance very challenging. Now, even more so than then, it seems as though there is an ever growing number of pressure on teenagers. I have teamed up with my gorgeous friend and fellow yoga teacher, Lotte Bowser, to create a day designed to offer guidance on how to approach those pressures and cope with life as a teenager. Both of us have had our own journeys of working through what balance means to us and so we have worked hard to come up with ideas that we wish someone had shared with us when we were growing up and beginning to make our own decisions.

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We have put together a schedule that will introduce things like yoga, techniques for coping with exam stress, ideas about approaching nutrition and food from a positive place and plenty of other things throughout the day.

The schedule will look something like this, but is subject to change a little as we get more and more excited and tweak our ideas! Our secret London location will be released soon but it will be near a station so that you can travel there easily!

9.30-10.00 Introduction & Icebreakers 10.00-10.30 Breakfast provided by Liebes 10.30-11.45 Wellbeing & Balance in Everyday Life Workshop 11.45-12.45 Yoga Class 12.45-13.30 Healthy Lunch (provided) 13.30-14.45 Coping with Stress, Anxiety and Other Teen Issues! 14.45-15.30 Q&A 15.30-16.00 Tea & Snacks 16.00-17.00 Sound Healing Gong Bath 17.00-17.30 Closing Circle

Tickets for the event are already selling fast but we still have spaces available. To make a booking, click this link. It will take you to a new site where you will need to make an account, then purchase a ticket and book your place.

Tickets for the event are £80 and include everything you need for the day. We promise it will be a really special day, with lots of learning, laughter, new friends and much more. You will also leave with a bag full of goodies, to help you take balance back home and into your lives.

For any queries, you can email either myself, Lotte or both of us! - annie@mindbodybowl.co.uk or lottebowseryoga@hotmail.com.

We really hope you can make it and can't wait to see lots of you there!