Exploring Mykonos

As I am sure you might have gathered from my instagram, last week I had the pleasure of teaching a wonderful group of humans in Mykonos on a yoga and fitness retreat for Helios retreats. We had such a wonderful time - we sweated, we stretched, we came a few steps closer to connecting with ourselves as the sun set over our final yoga class and, best of all, came away with a handful or two of new friends. I found the easiest way to eat for my body while I was away was to eat fresh fish and delicious veggies in lots of the restaurants. Almost every place we found had a great selection of simply cooked seafood and it was much easier than navigating a menu of dishes dominated by dairy products! That said, people seemed very happy to try to cater to any requests that I had and I often enjoyed more traditional salads but just asked them to skip out on the cheese! I thought I would share two restaurants with you that are particularly geared up to helping keep up a healthier lifestyle while away on holiday in Mykonos.

The first of the two is Nice'n'Easy, located in Mykonos Town, overlooking the infamous windmills and of course the beautiful ocean. The footfall in this area is pretty high, so if you like being in the hustle and bustle and watching the world go by, this is a great spot to choose. With an all organic menu, you can choose anything from meat, to fish, to the specially allocated vegan menu. Everything is well labelled, making the menu easy to navigate. The food is best when the restaurant is quieter but you can't go wrong with the quinoa salad, which arrives piled higher than you could ever imagine finishing! Just make sure to specify your dietary requirements, if any, and the team will be happy to help!



Nice'n'Easy has a new, more sophisticated brother in town. Nesaea is a little more off the beaten track, although coincidentally it was right next to our hotel (well, just a few minutes on the islands hottest transport - quad bikes!). With an every so slightly more formal environment, this restaurant benefits from a beautiful and peaceful setting looking over the sea without the passing crowds. The food was beautifully presented, artistically created, and perfectly explained by the knowledgable restaurant team.

We didn't have a lot of time to explore, as most of our food and drink were provided by the chef at Helios, but I'm back in September and will be sure to update any other recommendations that I come across!