Coconut and Strawberry Ice Lollies

As we head into summer, these ice lollies are perfect for warmer weather. They're really simple and great to make for a group of friends or a refreshing snack or dessert! I used the Zoku Quick Pop Maker to make these ice lollies, which I just discovered and think is such a great concept (find it by clicking here). By keeping your Zoku in the freezer, when you want to make ice lollies you can instantly pour your mixture into the moulds and have ready-to-eat ice lollies set in less than ten minutes! To test it out I made these Coconut water lollies with some sliced strawberries and they were so delicious!

what you’ll need

(makes 4-6 depending on lolly mould size)

  • 400ml coconut water

  • Juice of 1 fresh lime

  • A few Strawberries, sliced

what to do

Simply mix together the coconut water and fresh lime juice and pour into ice lolly moulds. Add a few sliced strawberries into each mould before adding in the lolly-pop sticks and leaving to set. Remove from mould and enjoy!

If you aren't using the Zoku, try running the mould under warm water to release the pop from the mould. Be careful to try this slowly as you don't want to melt your lolly into slush!