Review: Daluma

IMG_2308This review is pretty over due - in fact I can't believe it has taken me so long to share it with you because it was such an exciting find! Found in the district of Mitte, Berlin, Daluma is an absolute must-visit for anyone visiting the city. With a strong, Scandinavian design influence, just stepping food inside this place makes you feel calm and happy. You can grab a seat on the deck outside, where the sun hits in the afternoon, or snuggle up at one of the low tables in the window and watch the world go by. Don't be put off by the queues at peak times - this place knows how to handle to lines and you wont be waiting long (plus it is SO worth the wait anyway!). My first visit to Daluma was in November last year, following a recommendation on Instagram. We stopped in for a casual dinner one evening and I grabbed a 'Burning Man' ginger shot to go too as I was feeling a little under the weather. I was then lucky enough to go back a month or so ago and experience the full range of goodness on their wonderful menu.


Juices and Smoothies

As you walk in the door, the vast selection of juices and shots are laid out in the fridge. I love the Burning Man ginger shot, especially if I've been travelling. The Supergreen Juice is my favourite, although if you want something a little less green, I can also recommend the Y-Tamine. And as far as smoothies go, the Choc-Choc Crave is absolute heaven. You will love it!


Select a base (chia pudding, probiotic muesli or buckwheat porridge) then add your topping or get the big combo bowl with a little of everything. You can start the day in the calming space enjoying your bowl, or pick up your selection from the fridge and take it on the go. There are also 2 awesome Acai bowls on the menu to choose from too - and I would definitely recommend checking those out!


I love the 'build a bowl' salad style concept on offer - you choose your base, your topping and your dressing so you can make it as light or substantial as you like and come up with a tonne of different flavour combinations, which is perfect for those of you that want to mix things up each visit. Alternatively, if salad isn't your thing, you can pick a grain or pasta base and top it with one of 4 topping groups. You can also select the daily pre-designed combination if you are feeling the pressure of choice!


And lastly - desert! I have tried both (tough job, right?) and I'm not sure I can choose - one is chocolatey, one is fruity. They are both delicious. So maybe don't choose - I wont tell anyone...

IMG_2351  IMG_2326 IMG_2348

So if you are looking to delight your taste buds, enjoy a seriously chilled and zen space and feel fantasticly nourished at the end of it, this is your spot!

You can check out their Website or Facebook page for more info, or follow them on Instagram to get a real feel for their food and aesthetic offerings.