Review: The Bowl

IMG_2122IMG_2170  IMG_2155   IMG_2145 Opened a little under a year ago (May 2015), The Bowl brought a whole new concept of conscious, clean eating to Berlin. Serving plant-based dishes with no shortage of flavour, this hotspot is an absolute must for anyone visiting the city. The concept is simple, but the food is beautifully put together to create flavoursome bowls that do you some serious good - this is real soul food, and I challenge anyone to leave unsatisfied. Portions are generous and each bowl has a different focus or influence. On this particular visit, we ordered the local bowl - created seasonally to showcase the wonderful local produce at its best - and an old favourite, the macrobiotic bowl. Of course, we couldn't resist a side order of sweet potato wedges too. With eyes larger than our stomachs, we dove straight in.

This certified organic restaurant is a great spot even for those who don't really get the whole conscious or healthy thing. Familiar flavours on the menu, such as the Italian bowl, or the favourite Californian bowl will keep pretty much anyone happy.

Smoothies and deserts shouldn't be skipped either and as we settled in for an afternoon of work, we ordered coffees and turmeric lattes to fill any last bit of space in our stomachs. The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed and the service is lovely and friendly. If you are looking for recommendations, the staff are more than happy to point you in the right direction and share their favourites with you to help you find yours!

I couldn't recommend this place more - for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a cup (or in this case, bowl) of something warming while you get some emails done in a cosy corner. They don't take reservations and meal times can be a little busy, but I promise it is worth the wait. The only thing missing is cold-pressed juice, but if you're all about the food, you will be too distracted to notice!

You can find out more about The Bowl here - I hope you love it as much as I do!